New guy! Not related to VINE show!

Hi all,
I am new to Huel, starting today. I’ve been a stalker for a while but only just decided to take the plunge. Honestly speaking, I am doing this for weight control but also just tired of food. I have an unhealthy relationship with food in general and allow it to control me. Huel will hopefully allow me to get food under control.

Anyway, I’m going 100% Huel for the first batch. Two meals down. I find Huel consistency just right - I went with vanilla. First taste was Oaty and chalky, but I got used to it before the end of the first drink. My lunch had a nespresso shot added which really improved the flavour.

Having just had my lunch Huel and I am stuffed - seriously feel like I’ve had a large meal.

So far, so good.

Water wise, I’m still drinking 2ltr per day.

Anyway, glad to be hear as a 100%er


Welcome and good luck with Hueling! I’m glad it’s going ok so far, I also am finding life much simpler now since replacing most meals with Huel :slight_smile: