Starting a new journey

So I’ve placed my first order today (vanilla) to come tomorrow and will start the plan on Saturday.

I’m planning on using Huel for 2 of my meals a day and then to sit and have an evening meal with my wife.

I’m trying to keep my calories to 1500 a day and will post my current weight, measurements on Saturday when I start.

I plan on keeping this post up to date with my progress as when doing my research I found all these type of posts really helpful when deciding to take the plunge.

My first question is what did you wish you’d know before you started with Huel?

I hope to speak with you all soon and looking forward to starting my journey!


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My first Huel was horrible. It was made with tap water and I allowed it to get to room temperature.

My advice for a newbie is to used chilled bottled water and pop some ice in.

Thanks for the tip @Coup have you tried milk with Huel?

I’ve seen a few people using almond milk.

Makes me think even some Greek yogurt and fruit would be good.

I’m doing the same

Yeah I sometimes have a Huel made with regular milk. Never tried almond milk.

So had my first delivery today and made up my first Huel for tomorrow and left it in the fridge I will admit to taking a quick sip first to test the flavour, it tasted nice (I used the strawberry flavour boost) but I can see why people recommend it cold or with ice!

Awesome, Huel buddies!