Just got off the fence


After a few weeks of lurking, I’ve just ordered my first week of Huel

I initially had a few concerns about the sweetness of Huel, however as part of my daily routine at the moment I drink some apple cider vinegar so that could probably benefit from sweetness :wink: - whether I will/can add that to Huel depends on how the first taste goes

Regarding the flavour, I know that @Julian is working on some flavoring powders, in the meantime I intend to use some syrups (not sure if I am allowed to say where they are from) and other things to have a bit of a play around

I intend to use Huel for breakfast and lunch (office environment) I have not decided about an evening meal just yet

Intermittent fasting was something that I had looked into in the past, which Huel will fit into magnificently if I choose to go down that path again

control and convenience are two words on my mind right now as positives for Huel


@Gary_Dufley Hi Gary, great to hear that you’ve ordered your first week! Regarding the sweetness, it is not overly sweet like a chocolate bar or anything in my opinion, but we will shortly be bringing out an unsweetened/unflavoured version as well. I’ve heard from some other Huelers that it’s quite nice blended with coffee in the morning, if you’re a coffee drinker. Breakfast and lunch are the most rushed meals so can definitely see why you would start with these. You might also like to have Huel before / after exercise to avoid getting that bloated feeling from a heavy meal. Definitely let us know how you get on with it!


It arrived today, the first tasting was better than I had imagined

I think the 5:1 mix of water was a little too much liquid for me so I’ll try a little less next time

I have got worse (lazier) with food prep so the content of my usual breakfast and lunch are usually less than ideal

One thing I did find is that I could not get the bag to reseal for love or money, but it may be that powder has got into the little plastic strips

@Gary_Dufley yes the resealing of the packet is sometimes difficult when a little powder has got in, I agree. It takes a little while to discover what consistency works for you i think; some people have said they prefer making a thicker shake and then putting it in the fridge to cool. If you are replacing breakfast, you might want more of a porridge consistency, but you can vary it from meal to meal.

first proper day of Huel after a little experimentation yesterday

breakfast and lunch with a conventional evening meal

I drank it slowly as per some other Huelers recommendations, after storing it in the fridge for a couple of hours after mixing

Hunger was not an issue for me, which I thought that it would be but I did not feel hunger or indeed a temptation to snack. I hope this is a sign of how easy it will be for my body and mind to accept the change

managed to close the bag today with no issues!

while I enjoy the taste of Huel there seems to be a little of an aftertaste which I haven’t decided if I like or not

@Gary_Dufley Good to hear that you felt full with the Huel! Can you put your finger on what the aftertaste that you don’t like is? It would be useful to know for further flavour experiments. Thanks

its hard to describe, I’m not sure if I have stopped noticing it (or if it was tangible in the first place)

I’ve completed just over a week, going for a 3 Huels a day

I’ve noticed that my energy seems to be more consistent, and I have stopped needing an alarm clock to wake up (although I still keep on to the side!)

I have had maybe a little period where my body has adapted to healthy Huel, but these are disappearing as I thought they would

In fact I’ve just ordered another couple of weeks worth

I had a couple of juicy steaks over the weekend but apart from that no other ‘conventional’ food

onwards and upwards!

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more or less a month further on still going strong, loving the Huel and what it brings

100% Huel apart from weekend steaks, weight is steadily dropping off

I am in a calorie deficit (-500 kcal/day) in an 8 hour window. I am also taking a good multivit to mop up the micros that im missing from the defecit

life is a lot simpler! A+ :smile:

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