First Week using Huel

Just joined the forum and thought I’d leave a quick note about my first week…

5 days (mon to fri) - Huel for breakfast, normal lunch and dinner

Saturday / Sunday - huel for breakfast, huel for lunch, cooked dinner in the evening (not yet had my Sunday dinner).

I’m happy to say that I feel very good on huel - perhaps it’s because I had such a shoddy diet before and drank far to much alcohol too :grinning: (I’ve kicked the alcohol since new year).

Mixing - no problems, I use a nutribullet

Taste - it’s tastes surprisingly nice. I mix in a banana for my breakfast

Energy - I feel I’ve had a lot more energy, especially in the mornings at work, since using huel. Could be placebo, could be that I’ve kicked the alcohol (as mentioned earlier), but either way I’m happy - long may it continue!!

I plan on continuing with huel for breakfast and lunch on a daily basis. I’ll also alternate my evening meals between cooked and huel (so yes, 3/4 days per week will be 100% huel).

I’ll report back on my progress…


Following with interest !

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