1 Week on Huel (1st Week of Many)

Just finished my first week on Huel and these are my experiences so far.

So first the taste. The first drink I had tasted disgusting, so awful that I was immediately regretting buying 4 weeks supply. I got my brother to try it and he found the taste to be fine. Cursing his good fortune I tried again and it tasted just as bad. Later that day my brother told me he only had 1 scoop in his drink so I tried again with just 2 scoops in 600ml of water, immediately the taste improved dramatically.

So for the first couple of days I tried to have Huel for 2 out of my 3 meals and found that it was too much, too fast (yes I know we’re warned about it but I thought I’d try it to see how it went). Basically if you move over too quickly then you’re going to be making some rather desperate trips to the bathroom, don’t do it as I’m sure you’ll regret it.

For days 3 and 4 I had just 1x 600ml with 2 scoops along with 2 solid meals. This worked much better for me and my stomach calmed down. Also instead of blending the drink I switched to just using the shaker and found it mixes fine. I usually leave the ice guard in as I find it removes the lumps I was getting. Speaking of ice if like me you’re going to drink this slowly (usually 2 hours or more) then I would add ice as Huel definitely tastes better cold.

For days 5,6 and 7 I’ve finally switched to having 1 solid meal and the rest Huel. One of the interesting things I’ve noticed is that the amount of Huel I drink varies each day. On some days I drink only 2 drinks and others I’m drinking 3 but my solid meal is always the same amount.

I now actually like the taste of Huel to the point where it actually tastes as good as a lot of food I have. The best thing about Huel is the convenience and that the taste doesn’t seem to get boring or too nice so I never crave it. The fact that I can make some up and leave it in front of me all day but not over drink is huge. I’m one of those constant eater types where I’ll eat everything without thinking and then realise I’ve eaten an entire pack of biscuits but still feel hungry.

In fact I’ve got to the point where I’m never craving food which is a big thing as that’s how I originally got overweight. I went from 75kg to 95kg, which is where I am now, my aim is to get to 75kg again.

One thing I do want to ask is whether there is going to be a keto version of Huel, a year ago I got my weight down to 77kg but then bounced back again because of the inconvenience of the diet and of the meals after I came off the diet. The biggest thing about keto for me was that it removed all my cravings for food but Huel doesn’t. If you could make a Keto Huel I’m sure I could drop the weight easily again and then switch to Vanilla Huel to maintain the weight.