Huel 2 x a day - 7 Days in

So I have had Huel in the cupboard for a few weeks now, and I wanted to try it for Breakfast and Lunch every day for a week then share my story. It did not happen this way mind you.

I done the recommended starting at 1 meal a day for a few days, then moved up to 2. The problem is, the first week was filled with my usual cravings, and I caved in everyday, until now.

I have had Huel twice a day for 7 days solid and wanted to share how I find it. As I said initially I had a real craving for ‘crap’ food but my diet prior to Huel was shocking so this wasn’t surprising.
My first couple of days on Huel for breakfast and lunch was really bizarre. I really expected to feel unsatisfied, hungry and desperate for food and I did for a few days but that craving started to die down over the next few days.
I still found that in the evening I was desperate for some kind of sweets and as usual ended up over eating on all the wrong things, however my mind is starting to associate them with negativity.
Whenever I had Huel twice a day and proceeded to eat Sh*t I felt really sick, my stomach would hurt and the inevitable would follow (trip to the toilet).

I never thought a liquid could make me feel full, happy and healthy and steer my brain away from terrible food, but it really has. I can not ask for more.

Huel, for me personally, you are amazing and I thank you!


It is very filling. I’ve been doing it over a year and come the weekend I’ll often crumble and have whatever the wife is having but as my Huel is made up in the fridge (and I’m a skinflint northerner) I end up drinking it around 10PM. Every time it’s a mistake - I turn into a balloon - couple of weeks ago I got trapped wind that had me begging to be put down :smile:

In the week I try and stick with three Huel meals a day and it works OK. I mostly do early nights as we have kids and there is a commute but if I stay up past 10 I do start to get peckish… around 105 grams of the stuff has a stomach life of about four hours for me