7 months on Huel at least one meal a day - any other experiences?

Because I see a lot of first experiences here and not quite as much longer term users, I thought it would be nice to hear some of those voices here.

Just to share my experience (and actually my boyfriend’s too, we’re on the same regimen): we’ve been having Huel for 7 months now, replacing at least one meal (lunch) by Huel and regularly (say once or twice a week) dinner as well. We have the unflavored and unsweetened for lunch and some original vanilla just in case we want a change. For breakfast we have oatmeal.

The longest I’ve gone on 100% Huel is replacing 6 meals (so 2 full days). For me, this isn’t the goal, but as I was alone at home, I didn’t feel like cooking, so very convenient. I felt perfectly normal and fine after and during. The first normal meal after that did translate in some bowel irregularity - but settled just as quick.

I even keep two shakers (pre-filled with powder) and a liter of water in the car, has been a lifesaver between business appointments on the road, both in time and health wise compared to the fast food I would normally be having then.

We both work out 3 times a week: me crossfit, him rowing. I will sometimes have a small portion of Huel (2 scoops) before my evening workout, for some extra burning fuel, but generally speaking we have plenty of energy with what we’re eating.

I can recommend this balance to anyone trying out.


  • Very easy, very convenient
  • Cheaper than our regular meals we’re replacing
  • Easiest way of making half your meals vegetarian (a nice bonus for the planet, no?)


  • More cravings: both sweet and salty. I counter this by having a banana after my Huel lunch. Cravings are, for the rest, a stamina thing: you can give into them or not.
    Now and then I allow myself a piece of pie in the afternoon or crisps while watching tv. I have definitely not gained weight doing this: I believe Huel is healthier than what I would usually have for lunch (white bread and meat / cheese) so this probably levels out. I also believe in listening to your body: if you suddenly crave some meat, maybe just have some tonight because your body might be signaling a shortage of something.
  • I did have minor headaches only the first few days starting out
  • Only a con starting out: kicking around your food schedule will kick around your bowels. I believe being regular with your food is the key.

Any other 6 months+ experiences? Good or bad? How is it working for you?


I’ve been drinking Huel once or twice a day, nearly every day since March 2016 with the occasional Huel bar and less occasional granola. I enjoy it. Not as a weight loss food but just as a meal replacement. Having said that, since July I have been on a bit of a diet to lose a few kg, and Huel has helped with that.

I’ve never had adverse effects. Never had stinky farts, never had headaches, never had stomach ache, allergy. I was vegan for over 30 years beforehand, so my body and bacteria are well used to plant based food.

In past few weeks I have been drinking Huel 100% and have definitely found more food cravings, for salty food in particular…I am a crisp addict. I have not given in to them. Weirdly drinking Huel full time has meant I need less sleep…I don’t feel tired so go to bed later…like 2 hours later every day, and wake up same time or earlier. Not sure if there is something in my diet that makes me more tired. I don’t eat much bread or wheat generally, but do at least once a week, so maybe there is a sensitivity to gluten, but not diagnosed if so.

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@hunzas Have you tried adding a pinch of salt to your Huel, like someone else here did? Said it took away the craving for salty snacks…

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No, I took their advice with a pinch of salt.


Oh my God :joy::joy::joy:

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I wish there was a LOL button…

I added a pinch of salt the first few times (I thought the initial headaches had something to do with lack of salt) - but stopped doing that quite quickly, as it defeats the “everything and no more than the body needs” purpose of Huel to start adding things to it.
If your body craves salt, it will let you know. I’m fine with the occasional craving.