3 months on Huel, replacing breakfast & lunch on weekdays

So I’ve now been on Huel for 3 months, replacing breakfast and lunch on weekdays, with supper remaining the same as before (eating normal meal with wife). Weekends, I’m just replacing breakfast.
Each meal is 600 to 700 ml in volume, using 3 scoops. I’m just using regular vanilla, no additional flavourings or variations.
I’ve been logging everything using Fitbit app and a Tanita bodyfat scale.
I work in an office job, BMI was overweight, moderate exercise.
I know bodyfat measured by electrical resistance is notoriously inaccurate, but I’m only using it to show general trends. Belt has been tightened by a couple of notches, and impressive enough results for 2 other people in the office to start on Huel.

Start 78.kg, 25.7% fat, 58kg lean mass, 20.1kg fat
Now 73.8kg, 22.8% fat, 57kg lean mass, 16.8kg fat.

Works out at losing 1kg of fat per month.

Compared to others, my results are not that impressive, but for me it shows that my fat loss is sustainable. I don’t think I’ve been able to stick to diet plan/health kick longer than 3 months before. I have every intention to stick to replacing 2 meals per weekday pretty much indefinitely.

Cravings/binges on “bad” foods have pretty much been eliminated. It’s hard to explain, but because I was replacing meals, and not banning foods, I was never more than 2 meals away from eating what I wanted, but my desire for junk binges had pretty much disappeared ( I was/am addicted to carbs).

The removal of “choice” for my workday lunch was a blessing. Too many times I’d just go out with no real idea of what to have for lunch, and just make the wrong choices (Greggs/Pizza/Burgers etc). Now I just drink my Huel and go for a walk.

I make my breakfast shake, the night before and shove it in the fridge, and drink before heading out. Lunch is mixed in the office. No real problems mixing with a shaker bottle. In 3 months, I’ve forgotten to attach the cap just once.

I did experience a morning of headaches 2 or 3 days in, but just increased my water intake by a couple of glasses, and they disappeared.

Downsides: occasional Huel drips to forehead, glasses and face from various shaker caps are an occupational hazard. My wife thinks Huel is a cult (I’m singing it’s praises far too much). When explaining to female friends what Huel is, they all go “so it’s like Slim fast?” and I’ve wasted too much time trying to explain the other benefits, so now I just go “yes, but better on so many levels”. Didn’t washout my office Huel shaker over a weekend once, and the remnants festering in there did make the shaker take on a bit of a funky smell that did go away, but always remember to rinse out your shaker.

In the middle of all this, we had a baby a month ago, so now having broken sleep and sleep deprivation, which normally derails most weight/fat loss programs, but no problems so far. What’s really been beneficial is that I’ve saved a lot of time, that can be spent with wife/newborn.

Saved time (probably money), and lost weight (more importantly fat), and am actually enjoying the shakes and the whole experience.


Progress is progress! Thanks for sharing and keep up the hard work.

My favourite way to spend a lunch break! No need to huddle around a table in the ‘break out area’ eating out of Tupperwear! Get out and enjoy the sun and get some exercise in you

Haha! Huelers just take these hazards in their stride! Or just turn the bottle 90° :smiley:

Never good! Make sure you leave the cap off, that reduces the rancid smell and may allow you to salvage the shaker!

Congratulations on your new born, what an exciting (and tiring) time for you. We’re all so happy for you both and thrilled that Huel can make it all a bit easier :slight_smile:


Turning the bottle 90 degrees gives you the options of a drip to the face, or a drip to the shoulder. Obviously the thing to do, would be to wipe the cap after opening, but that’s far too simple a solution.

It’s refreshing that Huel have created such an open forum for discussion of the product. It certainly helped in making the decision to give Huel a lot easier.

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If you’re using the standard Huel shaker, give the cap a surreptitious lick and then hold down the flap with your drinking hand.


Glad to hear that even after a few months it sounds like you are having long term experiences similar to my short term.
I am just over a week into using Huel and so far cannot sing its praises enough. Having breakfast and lunch with shakes leaves me able to eat pretty much my normal tea (but find myself trying to make smarter choices).
I love the convenience of it all, mix up 2 drinks the night before in my blender and chill in the fridge - no temptation at work - I really thought I would be hungrier but find it does fill me up for around 4 hours.
I have also started to experiment with adding fruit and veg over the last couple of days and am enjoying that too - summer fruits mix is great and am currently drinking a mix of vanilla huel with 1/2 a banana, 1/4 cucumber and a load of baby spinach leaves - it is surprisingly nice!

I have lost a couple of kilos since I started but I know the first one or two are usually fluid and emptying the stomach a bit but as I am not having any issues with cravings I cannot see how I will not continue to lose weight.

Just order a pack of 5 Huel bars to see what they are like…

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Other than the Huel shaker, which you all will know, these are the main shakers I use, Sistema (a bit meh to be honest) and a Contigo Shake and Go Fit(highly recommended). However as you can see, you can only drink from them in positions where the cap can drip on your heard.

The Sistema (blue) is a bit too small, and it has a built in whisk attachment, that is frankly pants. The contigo, comes with a heavy plastic ball to help mixing, which makes a satisfying clunking noise when shaken.


I personally think that losing 5 kg over 3 months is excellent progress. Nice one!


Over 3 months I’ve consumed 6 bags of Huel, and more or less lost fat equivalent to 2 bags of Huel!

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Great recommendation on the Contigo Shake. Ordered one after your post – smoothest my Huel has been so far, and you can feel the quality, it’s much more sturdy.

Still looks like lickable lids to me :slight_smile:

Hi Gerald, which of these is that you’ve used?

Contigo - Amazon UK

I’m actually curious: what do lunch breaks at Huel look like? :stuck_out_tongue: Do you all sit around a table drinking Huel or do some of you eat gasp SOLID FOOD?


Haha! The great thing about Huel is that it can be used at any time in the day. So no we don’t have everyone having Huel together at lunch time! Many have more traditional lunches but enjoy a Bar as a mid morning snack or some Huel for breakfast. It’s not something that is frowned upon in the office if you don’t have Huel. It’s essential you believe in the company, champion our mission and do great work to work at Huel - it isn’t essential you eat as much Huel as possible!


Get yer tongue in there man!

So relatable

Wait, it’s not right? Guys???

Huel is definitely not a cult. It’s a legitimate religion. :wink:


Of course not. Outsiders are always welcome here. It is no one’s fault if they choose never to leave again. Huel doesn’t hold them hostage (*). Also, Huel is vegan, so it’s not like they could go the Soylent route.

[Edit] * Excepting when products go out of stock… which seems to be all the time…


Nahhhhhhhh I’m pretty sure it’s the right amount of well-placed admiration :stuck_out_tongue:

(…but then again, that could just be a brainwashed-me speaking…)