4th day on Huel!

Its my 4th day since trying Huel. Ive had 3 or 4 a day… and a evening meal. Just thought id post my views because im really impressed with it.

My normal daily diet is… eat a healthy breakfast by 9 in the morning… il been hungry and snacking again by 11… then id have a fairly big healthy lunch by half 12… another snack(mini 2nd lunch) by half 2. a snack when im back home at half 4. and a large healthyish meal in the evening maybe 8 or 9 oclock… then quite often a pudding/evening snacks. I tried to eat healthy but choclate and crisps and nuts were my weekness that i overate with. so I ate ALOT! Im pretty active but still was eating far to much. trying to count calories roughly but just had constant cravings for unhealthy food .

And honestly its like a miracle… Huel has stop me having ANY cravings!! Its crazy… i dont even think about ‘food’! Ive been having 100g of Huel at 9 in the morning and feeling full all day!! Have another 100g around 1 and the last around 4. And still no cravings for anyting else… I havent even been looking forward to my dinners… but almost forcing myself to have a dinner each night! ‘Real’ food doesnt even seem appealing for some reason!
The only thing ive actually been craving is Huel! 2 out of the last 4 days ive had another 100g serving of huel directly after Ive had one at 1oclock because i couldnt resist not having it… both times I felt too bloated and wished I hadnt over ate tho… so need to keep check of my cravings to Huel and not do that!

Im going to do a week of only Huel next week just as a experiment! And then hopefully just back to using it to replace breakfast or/and lunch.

I also LOVE it lumpy! Its like having little cookie dough bits in my drink!

Happy customer so far!

Thanks :smiley:


I agree - it’s excellent! In 3-4 weeks of combined additional phys and Hueling (still drinking/enjoying unhealthy food from time to time) I have dropped just under 2kg, gone down a belt loop and am looking significantly slimmer.

The cravings are absolutely the most amazing part of it…I still have biscuits with my tea mid morning and mid afternoon, but otherwise my appetite is much more controllable.

Keep it going Jay!

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I guess I’m finally getting the right vitamins I need so that’s got most to do with curing cravings maybe? And larger amounts of protein than I’d normally get in a day.