4 weeks in and im disapearing

so after 4 weeks of huel for breakfast and lunch and a healthy low calorie evening meal My wife and I have each lost 4kg. the first few days i had a headache and felt light headed. i put this down to lack of hydration and and sudden drop in calorie intake. all in all im impressed so far but could kill for a steak :-):joy:


I’m planning on using Huel for weight loss too…

How have you found cravings?

That’s what I’m worried about :-/

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I’ve not found them too bad in honesty!

The more I think about it I was probably over-filling myself before I started Huel so I definitely feel less full than before, but probably about AS full as a normal person does…if that makes sense?

I’d get home to my tea and not actually be hungry where as now I’m hungry when tea’s ready so it’s more satisfying to eat.

I’m only replacing one meal (lunch) but using the MyFitnessPal app too, to count my calories which has helped SO much!


Mines arriving tomorrow! Fingers crossed for me guys! I hope I don’t end up pooping or getting the headaches everyone has been mentioning!

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@seanrichard90 I get around the cravings with eating my daily fruit when i’m craving.

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4kg in 4 weeks is amazing - well done!

Oh, the steak can probably be fit into the calorie allowance. It’s the fries, sauce and dessert that tend to be the problem. :slight_smile: