Day 7

so day 7 of the huel experience is going well. I have replaced breakfast and lunch with huel and a home cooked meal in the evening, along with the MyFitnessPal app I’m logging and tracking intake and find this really useful.

So far I have lost 6.5lbs in 4 days, really pleased with with it so far. I feel more alert, sleeping better and not craving junk food!

I have been using a cup of frozen fruit, 200ml skim milk, 200ml of water and 2 scoops makes a satisfying breakfast.

Going to try baking with it next! :slight_smile:

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Hi Seth,

Really pleased to see that you are having a great experience with Huel and fulfilling your weight loss goals. Make sure you are drinking enough water, although some of the weight you have lost will be fat loss, a lot will water weight from calorie restriction. So keep hydrated - fibre acts like a sponge, so this is doubly important with Huel. Try to keep your weigh ins to once a week and make sure they are the same time - mornings, before breakfast after going to the toilet will keep it consistent.

Keep us up to date and let us know if you have any questions! Thank you for the post!


Many thanks for your reply :slight_smile: indeed I’m drinking plenty of water and I don’t expect big losses each Saturday - I think watching and eating to my daily calorie goal is motivating me. I completely understand huel isn’t a weight loss product buts it really helping me keep full at breakfast and lunch times… oh and not eating handfuls of biscuits and haribo! :wink:

Thanks again

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Just a quick update - 2lbs loss this week, this is what I set MyFitnessPal goal to. Really happy with that :slight_smile: