Do cravings increase or decrease?

The longer you consume Huel, and the more frequently you consume it, do cravings for other food increase or decrease?

I can see the argument for both sides, that you either start to miss ‘normal’ food more, or you begin to adjust to your new diet.

As someone just starting out with Huel, with a fairly bad student diet (plenty of takeaways), I’m just curious what to expect.


Hi John. I’ve been replacing a couple (sometimes three) meals with Huel for the past 5 months and can honestly say I have adjusted well, enjoy Huel and don’t have any real cravings. Having said that, we are all different. Welcome to Huel and hope you love your new healthy diet as much as I do :grin:

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Thanks a lot Bee, that’s great to hear, and congratulations on your progress. Likewise I’m enjoying the experience so far and actually think it’s pretty tasty… although I am a huge fan of chocolate/pizza and so on, so am wary of potential cravings, especially once the initial excitement of Huel has worn off.

Do you mind me asking whether you had many cravings *before * Huel, and were you switching from a diet that was already fairly healthy?

Thanks again for your time and help!

I’ve found my sweet tooth has decreased.
I’ve got no science for this - I just don’t fancy having a bit of chocolate or a few (turning into the bag) of Haribo since I’ve regualrly been eating Huel.

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That’s great to hear as I very much have a sweet tooth right now.

Do you mind me asking how far in you began to notice those effects?

My cravings for sweet or snacks or fatty foods disappeared almost immediately when I started drinking Huel once to twice a day.
I do crave cooked fresh food especially fruit and vegetables, so I make sure I cook a healthy evening meal each day.
3 months into Huel and now I actually find myself craving Huel ! And I really miss it if I go a few days without


My diet was not the healthiest pre-Huel so I really feel the benefit of it. I used to eat plenty of bread ie. sandwiches and toast and would think nothing of eating half a dozen biscuits with a cuppa if I had some in. I eat very little bread now, perhaps a couple of small rounds once in a while and no biscuits at all. Not just because I am calorie counting but because I don’t particularly want any. I used to enjoy a bar of chocolate too or baking myself a tray of muffins, but not any more.


It’s been mentioned on here a few times (myself included) - it’s weird how your cravings for snacks like chocolate and crisps disappear completely. And it’s something so so many Huel customers report, there must be some real science going on. If somebody walks past me with chips or a pizza though… god damn

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Every couple of weeks I go out for lunch with a friend. I have a small portion of chips with the meal and really enjoy them. It doesn’t make me want more though. That little treat is enough for me.


All my cravings just melted away when I started drinking Huel.


Last Wednesday I had a bad day, I was busy and late finishing work, I didn’t get much sleep on the Tuesday night either so I was really exausted as well. So by Wednesday night I was done for and starving, I was craving for a 10" deep pan Pepperoni Pizza from my old favourite take away. So I had one and had a Easter egg afterwards!!

Did I enjoy the pizza? No I didn’t, I ate it all but felt guilty afterwards and was well bloated. After a while I had the cadburys twirl Easter egg, that was nice but I was stuffed . And couldn’t sleep properly, so guess what, Thursday I had headache and was exhausted again. Should of just had my Huel after all, did I learn my lesson? Probably not…

Edit… Oh yeah I also put 3 lbs on this week when I should of lost a lb or 2…


This is exactly what happens to me.
When I work the evening and have dinner provided, it’s a microwave dinner and it
has the same effects on me. Same goes for my love for pizza, it’s a hate-love thing now.
Good thing I only do this in the weekend and have an extra shake with me for long days. :stuck_out_tongue:


So easily done. But at least you both know how to lose those extra pounds you put on :wink:


This was me last week with a chicken burger at lunchtime. Though I didn’t feel so bad after the halloumi burger I ended up having on a dinner out with a friend :see_no_evil:

Personally, my cravings haven’t disappeared totally when I use Huel for 2 meals a day (plus different food for evening meal), but when I was using Huel 100% (powder in water) at first my cravings got really bad, probably because I knew I couldn’t just have something else if I fancied it. After a few weeks cravings did go away; early days craving (plant) milk in my tea was dreadful, and crisps etc. were really tempting…my taste in food changed too, but only temporarily, so when I started eating other food besides Huel powder my tastes soon reverted. I eat less snacks these days though.