Cravings and chewing

Week three with Huel, and I think I may have come up with something to help with the cravings to chew food. Has anyone else had these? Celery stick are very low in calories and give me the “chew fix” I seem to crave mid afternoon. I’ve also notice that although Huel is sustaining me for longer than at the start I’m craving junk food, especially protein. I want burgers, bacon and cheese. Does anyone else have ideas to help with this. I do admit to having a savoury tooth over a sweet one so am struggling with sweet Hurl twice a day.

I know that these are going to be issues I will struggle with after a while with Huel, I can’t think of a solution unfortunately, interested to hear what others have to say. Are you 100% Huel?

I’m currently doing Huel for breakfast, then either Huel for Lunch of if it’s too much a light lunch. Then a normal evening meal. I could no way do 100% Huel.

Yeah that’s the approach I’m planning to take, starting Monday. Hoping that the knowledge that I will be having a proper meal in the evening will be enough to curb the chew cravings!

Paul McKenna’s got a funky little craving buster (think he calls it that actually) technique. Basically involves a lot of visualization. It’s worth a Google maybe :slight_smile:

I find it hard, even thought go the goal is near I get so hungry I seem to eat a huge evening meal as my eyes are bigger than my belly

Made Apple Tea last night, going to try it with my lunch Huel today. Anything for a different taste.

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Twinnings apple Crunch tea works well. I left two bags in 500ml boiling water over night. Then fridged it this morning and then added my three scoops of vanilla Huel and topped up with cold water. Tastes good, and makes a change. May have to try with unflavoured Huel in future.

I cold brew tea’s rather than boiling them first. Seems to work fine, time extracts the flavour rather than heat.

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