Another Huel first timer thread!

I thought I would just share my experiences as someone who has never experienced “Meals in a liquid form”, let alone something as complete as Huel.

The first day was an interesting one, I am quite prone to sweetener taste and I could notice the sweetener taste in the Huel which was putting me off. However, I found a really simple way to deal with this was to add a small amount of oat milk or something like a banana and slowly get used to it. Now, I am two to three weeks in and I literally don’t taste any of that sweetener taste and it tastes great, a really nice blend of somewhat sweetness but also enough of the other kinds of flavours to make it taste like something that could be food, which it is!

I originally started using Huel for two reasons. Firstly, I was facing some really unpleasant health issues, to do with the bowels, that I am still having tests for at the moment. I made the decision to transfer to a vegan diet and use Huel for breakfast and lunch and almost all of my symptoms cleared within 48 hours, I was completely shocked. I didn’t experience gassiness or anything like that, and none of the “frequency” that others talk about, it actually decreased a lot as that was one of the symptoms I was having which was a bonus.

Secondly, I am one to have extreme weight fluctuations, I would put multiple stones on in months and then lose 5 stone in 4 months and keep doing this, so functional eating was something I was wanting to try. I find Huel finds a good balance between being palatable and definitely not unpleasant to consume, but not satisfying the extreme cravings I have for unhealthy food which keeps them in check as I’ve found if you eat to satisfy cravings, they always come back worse.

Carrying on with food craving talk, with Huel I’ve found the actual amount of cravings for unhealthy foods I am experiencing has gone down a lot. I’ve had these cravings for as long as I can remember, easily into my childhood, and they have diminished greatly. It might be that my previous vegetarian diet, which was admittedly poor, was full of not good foods and I wasn’t getting enough of what I need, hence the cravings, and now I am getting all of my macros the cravings aren’t so bad now.

Adding to this, I am also very full in the day time. I have been having breakfast Huel at around 8:30-9am, and will be full easily until 1pm which is unheard of for me, as I would usually be wanting lunch at 11am, which partly was due to the food cravings as well. Huel is really filling and I never feel bloated, I always feel full but in a good way.

I ordered the coffee and the banana Huel, which are both good flavours in my opinion, the coffee one I will always drink on its own, but the banana one really comes up nicely with some vanilla added, or something like Oat milk or a banana to bulk up the flavour.

I have my next month’s worth of Huel ready to go, I will be ordering vanilla and Mint-Choc, so if anyone has any experience with those please let me know.

Sorry for this wall of text, I had to get my experience out with this product somewhere as I am really pleasantly surprised and got other members of the family planning to try it out as well!

Thanks, Sam.


Vanilla is good because you can add frozen fruit to change the flavour



That’s a great idea, have you got any particular favourites? I’m definitely going to give that a try when my vanilla arrives.

Dark cherries :cherries: some chocolate :chocolate_bar: and a drizzle of honey :honey_pot: makes for a Black Forest shake :yum:

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Wow that sounds amazing, I’ll give that one a go with some vegan chocolate and maybe some golden syrup, bet it is delish.


If you want to keep the sugar content down then cacoa powder works well in place of the dark chocolate in that combination. It’s one of my favourites.

If you like the banana flavour it is also good to add some cinnamon to the banana version, or a teaspoon of ground ginger.


I love adding a tsp of honey to banana too.

Hey Sam, welcome to the forum and to Huel. Really enjoyed reading your account of your first few weeks with Huel. Thank you!

Yes lots of people find this, it’s really interesting isn’t it? Almost like the complete selection of nutrients was actually what our bodies were craving before, not sugar/fat. When I get cravings I use the ‘surf the urge’ technique, I think James talks about this in one of our videos about cravings. Just waiting 30 mins after I have a craving to see if I actually need what I’m craving. I also find not buying the stuff in the first place helps! If I have sweets in the house I’m gonna eat them!

I would highly recommend mixing your banana with your coffee one! Delicious!

Yes coffee and banana is so lush. When I dont add a banana I feel I am missing something. I also add a spoon of cacao nibs and you then get the chew factor. :banana::banana::banana: