My experience, first 2 weeks + best way to drink huel

So I have been using huel for about two weeks now. It is great for when I don’t want to cook - especially now that I am in a depression. I have lost about 1.5 kg and I don’t even crave fast food anymore - really weird, I am usually the one to binge on crap when I feel bad. So thank you for creating this product! It has helped me.

The first time I tried it, it tasted… eh. Not very good. But I came to think of almond milk - there was a hint of that flavor already. So I bought some, and mixed 200 ml of almond milk and then the rest 3 scoops of vanilla huel, and then the rest water. The key here is also to use a mixer. It tastes like a healthy kind of milkshake! I don’t even bother to refrigerate it anymore, it tastes great like this. I didn’t like the U/U though. Now I got my two new bags of vanilla, and I also ordered some matcha flavor (I liked that one best out of the flavor pack that I got). I am exited to keep on eating(?) huel.