I'm a new consumer, and here is my experience so far

Hi everyone, this is my first post, so I wanted to share my experience with Huel so far.
I picked up the Gluten Free Vanilla option about 10 days ago (my girlfriend is Gluten intolerant and I got it in case she wanted to try some)
My initial thoughts when drinking Huel for the first time were “this is quite filling”. However, I like the vanilla flavour. The lumps people are mentioning seem to be much more noticeable around room temperature, so I keep the shakes cold.
I started replacing one meal per day, but now I replace breakfast and lunch with Huel.
I’ve never really drunk protein shakes or even beer - so my fast drinking kills are lacking. However I’ve found my favourite way to consume is quickly, and I’ve been getting better.
I love the full feeling and lack of an energy lull after drinking Huel that I’d get from a traditional heavy lunch.
I’ve never eaten healthily, have a nut allergy and have also recently become vegan - Huel is something which has made it possible for me to become more healthy and have better energy levels.
Next steps for me are using a blender and trying out Huel cookies and bread. Nutritious Cookies sound good to me!


Welcome to the community! Thanks so much for getting involved and for sharing some of your experiences. Great to hear that Huel is filling you up and you’ve increased to a couple of meals a day to help you eat healthier. Interesting to hear you prefer having Huel fast, I much prefer to consume it over a longer period as it fills me up more! Funny how people can be so different.

Keep us posted :slight_smile: