Huel arrived today!

Tried it for lunch and found the taste ok. Vanilla flavour is what I ordered and find it just right :grin:
Iv’e been vegan for 2.5 yrs so my taste buds have changed a lot as I don’t crave sweet things very often anymore. The flavour isn’t as oaty as I had imagined and can taste the sunflower seeds.
Over all I’m impressed and plan to substitute two meals a day with it as I enjoy eating as well :grinning:


Sounds great Steve! Thanks for getting on board and welcome to the Huel community!

Today is my first Huel day too! Well I guess second (kind of). I had Huel last night after I received the package and I was so excited I just had to have it for dinner. Being 100% honest I am not the biggest fan of the flavour - its a strange one. There are points where I think this is really yummy and taste a lovely vanilla flavour and then all of a sudden I’m hit with the earthy flavour. I really hope I can get my head past this as I love the concept of Huel - time efficient, vegan, good for the economy, healthy etc etc.

My original plan was to substitute breakfast and lunch with Huel - so today I have had huel for breakfast and lunch (therefore 3 meals in a row which wasn’t intended) but I have only managed to eat half of the 3 scoop portion for breakfast and lunch as it is so filling.

I’ve found that I’ve had a dull headache in the background today which i think is my withdrawal from sugar (I have eaten too much sugar recently and my body has become obsessed). I am also extremely thirsty - I’ve drank 4 sports bottles of water already and its only lunch time!)
Please let me know how you are getting on - we’re in this together! Also does anybody know if you get used to the Huel taste or if I should start experimenting with some of the Huel recipes.
Thanks in advance for help :slight_smile:

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Hi Gemma, I think I am about 2 weeks into using Huel. I have a nespresso machine and I add a shot of coffee to my 2 scoops for breakfast and lunch and have not suffered from any headaches. And I’m a martyr to a migraine. For me the coffee takes away some of the sweetness of the vanilla.
I tried adding a handful of frozen berries at the weekend for breakfast, however I was surprised that I did not enjoy it at all, had to force it down. Far too sweet for me.
I added a teaspoon of cocoa along with the espresso today and that was also very good.

Funny reading peoples comments as we must all taste it differently. I don’t find it sweet at all, although I cant say its the best flavour but I actually enjoy it and cant stop sipping it, even though I was trying to make it last longer this morning lol.
Im going for breakfast and lunch and was pretty hungry by 4 pm
No headache for me either and so far none of the other symptoms Iv’e read about.
One thing I am liking about it is having something to eat at work when there is nothing to choose from and I haven’t made anything in advance. Sometimes being vegan can leave you with no option other than crisps or an apple/ banana when everyone else has sandwiches etc to choose from.

I will definitely need to try and add coffee (i love coffee). I’m pretty sure that I am getting ill.I have a sore throat today so unfortunately I started Huel after getting ill (most likely from my poor diet before) and it’s difficult to tell if I’m having symptoms from Huel or cold/flu type symptoms. I’m also still thirsty all the time and drinking loads of water which is good as i need to drink more water.
Even stranger - today I had vanilla Huel on it’s own again and I like the taste alot more. I practically gulped it down and felt really satisfied and full.
Happy hueling!

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