First 3 weeks of Huel

Hey, thought I’d drop a note here about how I’m getting on with Huel.

I’ve been drinking huel as a replacement to breakfast and tea and did a stint of huel only for 3 days. The taste is good, I’m having it primarily with water and 3 scoops and a few times with milk but only 2 scoops.

I feel pretty awesome, my skin feels better and I’m sure I’m toning up. I dont want to lose or gain weight with the product I’m mainly drinking it to get the nutritional value and protein but my body feels leaner. It’s also helping me get my water intake up too as it was poor before.

I’m going to start the gym again next week and continue drinking the huel as I am now, plus replace the protein shakes with huel this time.

I’m recommending it to a few folk, one of my pals got an order in so we have matching huel T shirts haha, he seems to be enjoying it too.

I’ll do another post in another month to give an updated view of huel. Hope this has been helpful to somebody.

Look forward to your updates :slightly_smiling: