Using Huel to Bulk and Over-consumption of Vitamins

Hi guys,

Just a quick question; I’m struggling to maintain my weight on a 2000kcal, 100% huel diet and I’m very slim (under 11 stone). Thus, I want to supplement Huel with real food to put on weight. If I were to take 2000 kcal of Huel daily and then eat on top of that, wouldn’t I be getting more vitamins and minerals than daily amounts?

I’ve heard the word “toxicity” being thrown around with regards to the body getting too much of certain nutrients and so I want to make sure I am not damaging my body.

Advice for this would be much appreciated.

How many calories do you need per day to put weight on.

The good news is that with Huel it’s very easy to know the amount of vitamins and mineral that you are consuming, unlike normal food (unless you have a lot of time and big spreadsheet).

Millions of multi vits are sold and people take these on top of “normal” food diet, which means they could easilybe doubling their vit and mineral intake.


The 2,000kcal is just a basis for us. You can consume more Huel than that or you can have other foods on top.

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Thanks guys, as long as you’re confident that consuming over 2000kcal of Huel doesn’t risk health through overexposure to vitamins/nutrients.

Also, just to give you feedback from my experience; you might want to think about marketing Huel around skincare at some point. When you replace dairy and high-gluten foods with this product the results are ridiculously good. Almost remarkable changes and it’s only been a week for me. I had suffered from moderate acne for over a decade, which was obviously dietary related.

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That’s really interesting feedback. Obviously, to make this claim though, we’d need to be able to back this up. I wonder if more people have experienced skin benefits?

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Just a few examples I found quickly in 2 minutes. Seen a few people say it:

“I feel more alert, a bit more awake, and I’ve noticed an improvement in my skin.”
(Huel user Mathew Phillips, Radio 4 interview)

My skin feels smoother, it did after about 2 weeks. This may have been due to poor hydration or diet previously but huel and water is awesome.

Yes its not exciting - but I don’t need my food to excite me just keep me alive and healthy and in this first week my skin as improved

I feel pretty awesome, my skin feels better and I’m sure I’m toning up.

I also suffer from moderate acne, If Huel allows me to lose some weight and sorts that crap out as well you may have found yourselves a disciple for life! :smiley:

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If you go 100% huel you’ll see great results.

I’ve just posted my first weeks experience and definitely seeing a skin improvement on my face.


I think your skin says a lot about what you eat.
I can see that when i eat a lot of greasy/fast/unhealthy food i get a lot more acne/spots on my face.
When i go on a more balanced diet such as Huel or cook some healthy dinners etc you can definitely see improvements :slightly_smiling:


I don’t know about skin improvements, but to add to the broader topic - I’ve been consuming 2500kcal a day on Huel because I’m a stone underweight. I’ve put on eight pounds so far; I’ll sometimes have 2000 calories and an extra meal at dinner with my housemates, but my preference is to be 100% Huel for the day.

My goal was to put on a stone, but now that my body’s filling out a bit I quite like the definition and am aiming for two stone, so I’m bang in the middle of the normal weight range.

It’s a lot of Huel a day and I’m excited to cut down once I reach my target, but it’s working out great :slight_smile:



I suffer from a mild skin condition that has gone mostly unsuccessfully diagnosed for the past five years. It’s likely to be seborrhoeic dermatitis and affects 5% of adults in the UK. I tried all manner of harsh and light medication, including steroidal creams and fancy organic moisturisers, most of which didn’t work. I have managed over the last month to reduce the inflammation by upto 90% (still a few outbursts here and there but nothing compared to what it was) and I have whittled down what could have had this miraculous effect: organic coconut oil (applied as a moisturiser) or Huel. I’m going to give the majority vote to coco-oil but I am convinced Huel’s vegan ways have had a fantastic effect on my body.

I’ve been off refined sugars for a few years now, but a lot more seriously as of late. This coupled with a post Christmas alcohol reduction has helped me feel ten times better. I swore to my old macho self I’d never change my diet in such a manner, but the benefits are hard to ignore… I am considering removing meat from my diet aside from fish, which is a huge step for me given my love for chicken and beef!

Regarding the over-consumption you are concerned about, @rsb91, I have quizzed James about this just recently and he sees no issue with consuming over their recommended limit. It seems to just be a benchmark for the product. I require quite a considerable amount of calories to maintain my current muscle mass given that I have a physical job and then exercise and work out most evenings. I would regularly have a Huel breakfast, solid morning snack and lunch, half Huel afternoon snack, solid dinner AND Huel dinner/pre-bed (only both on workout evenings - otherwise just a large Huel). I’ve seen no weight gain. In fact, because my diet is so much cleaner (thanks to Huel) I’ve actually noticed a bit of fat loss around my stomach and definite muscle and strength gains.

Interesting feedback, @Blenks

I have had bad skin due to having endometriosis which in turn gives me breakouts around periods especially- I have in the past had a course of roacutain (however it is spelt) this was the only medication that worked, however I’m convinced that since I’ve been even mainly having Huel for breakfast and lunch at times my skin has definitely improved no more big angry lumps anyway! :blush:

I think much of it will be due to the change in diet and removal of things that don’t suit some people. So whilst Huel might not be a cure for acne, it could certainly help reduce in the same way as finding out which food items cause issues and excluding them groom a diet.

My OH has struggled with acne most of her life. Tried everything but it was moving to a better (and particularly strict) diet that finally helped her.

I’ve had really bad acne and dry flaky skin for years now. The last 2 weeks I’ve been using using huel (2 scoops twice a day with nuts,fruit and protein meals) and my skin has cleared up, looks fresher and people are commenting on it!

Sounds a lot like my condition. Have you tried coconut oil as a morning and evening facial care? Just a light layer so it doesn’t leave a greasy residue but you can definitely feel it on your skin.

From “Vitamin and mineral requirements in human nutrition” by WHO we can glean some suggestions for upper limits on vitamin and mineral consumption. Assuming that the WHO is regarded are broadly reputable, could we not use this to put an upper limit on safe consumption of Huel?

^ That makes sense to me.

I think the skin benefits for acne sufferers derive from the Vitamin A content, as well as the elimination of dairy and most gluten when going 100% huel.

Another side-note on the bulking; for any fellow slim huel users…a solid food calorie is not the same as a liquid calorie. I’ve noticed I have to consume far more calories to maintain my weight on a liquid diet than I would if I were eating real food. My metabolism is simply too fast and burns liquid calories far quicker, hence I require more of it. I’d aim for 3000kcal to bulk, or maybe more.

After two weeks of pure Huel I can’t say I’ve seen any skin benefits (and in fact a small patch of eczema has flared up on my leg…which i don’t think is connected as I don’t believe what I eat affects that in anyway) - I also don’t think food affects the skin on my face either. It goes through good and bad patches (though bad are usually breakouts under the skin rather than ance) I usually have some near my temples, but what I eat good or bad never affects them.

Think there are a few dangerous sweeping generalisations in this thread “If you go 100% you’ll see great results”, “a solid food calories is not the same as a liquid calorie”. Every single body is different and everybody processes food in different ways, you cant say this and that, you can only say “i’ve found in my experience that…” I think James would be equally as careful with regards to comments like that.