Huel in cutting

Hello everyone, I’ve been using Huel in my cutting phase and I really like it, it makes my kcal count so easy. Right now I’m 21, 184 cm tall and 70kg. I’m taking around 1800 daily kcal. Some days I do 100% Huel, others I have some solid food for dinner.
My question overall is: Imagine I have 70% Huel, the Reference intake for an average adult per day is 2000kcal, but I’m only taking 1500kcal of Huel, and 300kcal of food in my dinner. I don’t care about my macros because I can count them easily but what about the micros? (Vitamins and minerals). If I take less calories, that means I also take less daily vitamins and minerals. Isn’t that a problem? @JamesCollier could you answer this question for me? It’s the only thing I’m unsure about.
Thank you very much!

Hi @Mark97 - great to hear you’re doing well.

Huel has at least the Nutrient Reference Values (NRVs) for all micronutrients at 2,000 calroies. THe NRVs are devised to cover the majority of the population; but there may be some people with higher requirements and most people are likely to be fine on lower intakes. So we can’t guarentee you’ll be consuming enough or all micronutrients on this lower intake

Thanks for your reply, is there any advice you can give me if I’m cutting with Huel? Shall I take multivitamin supplements to reach my daily micros or not?

It depends on the rest of your diet, but you could add one per day to ensure adequate intake.

184cm / 70KG? Sounds like you need a bulk man, that’s tiny! How come you’re cutting?

I’m 180cm at 80KG at around 14% bodyfat.

Everyone’s different - I’m 180cm/70KG with 24% bodyfat - So i’m also in a deficit diet wise. Once down to 17% bodyfat i’ll start bulking up.

How are you measuring bodyfat?

Definitely thought this was going to be about cutting drugs with Huel. :eyes:

From a Tanita & BodyMETRIX scales at the gym