Thinking of trying Huel


Sorry if these questions have been answered before i just couldnt find answers to them.

I have been thinking of trying Huel but can’t work out what i need to consume.

I work out regularly and I am currently trying to lose weight and build muscle.

I would want to have a few meals of Huel a day and still eat a couple of normal meals. BUT i can’t work out. to lose weight for my size I need to be having around 1200 cals a day currently but even if i was only consuming Huel and nothing else to get my 100% of daily vitamins needed i’d need to consume at least 2000 cals worth.

How do you cut back calories without losing the nutrients needed. If I was looking at consuming 600 calories worth of Huel a day and 600 calories of food it would only be just over 25% of my needed daily nutrients i was getting from Huel. Which isnt very much for using up half my calories!


Hi, I’m no PT but if you’re working out regularly and trying to build muscle the 1200 calories a day is far too low, I don’t care how small you are, you’re not going to gain muscle if you’re going for such a large calorie deficit. I’d seek out some advice from a nutritionist who understands muscle gain if you want to go 1200 calories.

That said, to answer your question, I think Huel is designed for the 2000 calorie marker which for most people is a good calorie intake. If you’re cutting down weight, I wouldn’t worry too much about the macros as you’ll do fine while you’re cutting but when you’re done loosing weight, you can bring your calorie intake to a more reasonable level and bring your macros back to a better ratio


if you pm me your email adress i can send a document to help manage your huel calorie needs.

its what i use and seems to be fairly accurate
(not my document from another huel member)


Thankyou. I have a stone and a half to two stone of fat to lose and my BMR is 1400 currently. So needing to cut back some calories. Have been trying to eat as healthy as possibile and eating around the 1300 mark the last few months. Not gained or lost any muscle but also have lost very small amounts of fat (around .5 every two weeks!!) So my fat % is going down annoyingly slow and this in turn means my muscle % has gone up. But i know im going to need to cut calories to drop the weight… I dont really know what im doing so its all very confusing :smiley: Thankyou for your help tho i think you must be right not to worry about it while i lose the weight… i just don’t want to start losing muscle by eating to little but no idea how to shift the weight otherwise!


Thankyou!! brilliant :slight_smile:


i have personally gone from 125kg to 93kg at last weigh since may 5th with Huel it definitely does work with will power and exersize!


Great!! Im excited to try it…Loving all the reviews and stories I am hearing… Just get confused on what i should be consuming! Hope I PM you correctly… first time trying to do it on this site! Thanks :smiley:


yeah i got the pm and i emailed you the document :slightly_smiling_face:


Like I said I’m no PT but have researched muscle gain a lot. From most of what I’ve seen, if you want to gain muscle you need to eat at least maintenance calories if not over maintenance.
not a biggie, I just suggest you decide which is more important, fat loss or muscle and temper your expectations to what you decide




It really is possible to lose fat and build muscle. Check this article out: Gain muscle and lose fat at the same time.