Can i have 3000kcal of huel a day?


I was hoping to have a shot at using Huel as a complete food replacement for a few months and wondered if there was such a thing as ‘too much’ with regards to the different macros etc that are in the Huel. I am 6’2, 15.5stone and go to the gym 4 times a week to lift. According to some TDEE calculators i have used i should be maintaining on 3300kcal a day. If i aim for a nice round 3000 cals a day, is Huel suitable or will i be harming myself by consuming 3000kcal of huel a day for months at a time?


Hi Rob,

It’s fine I believe. James says it in another thread I believe:

I will hitch a ride here. If i look at the nutritional table i read 488g of huel max out at a 100% of the nutrition reuqirements (Nutritional Information).

Does this mean if i go over that (so over 2000kcal) i take in more than recommended? And if so what does it do to my body? Or am i misreading something? I plan on getting to 2400kcal as that should be my requirement based on the available calculators.

We set the amounts based on 2,000kcal, if you require more than that - as many people do - then there’s no problem getting more than 100% of your requirements - the same as if you were eating more food one day, you’d be getting well over the requirements of some nutrients.

Thanks for the reply. So even if I eat more than 2000kcal per day every day in huel (and thereby everyday more than 100% of my requirements every day) that shouldnt cause any damage? Because the example with regular food doesnt quite hold up since im not necessary eating such complete meals as huel is (which is one giant incentive behind my order).

That’s correct, it’s fine to consume more.

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I’ve seen claims on other sites that the amount of nutrients needed varies with the metabolism. Basically, if you consume more calories, you need more vitamins and minerals, and if you consume less, you need less. Is this accurate?