Any Hardgainers here using Huel?

Hi there,

I’ve been looking into Huel for a while now and am excited for it to arrive in two days.
The reason for choosing Huel is because I’m really having issues with gaining weight.
I started going to the gym a few months ago, I was trying really hard to consume around 3000kcal a day to gain muscle but after a few weeks of forcing myself to eat pretty much constantly I couldn’t do it anymore. I simply don’t have the appetite, nor do I have the time because I have a very hectic full-time job.

I’m 183cm (6 Foot) and weigh 69kg (152 Pounds). I go to the gym 3-4 times a week - is there anyone here who can share their experience with gaining weight with Huel? Is it really possible with Huel?

I would like to gain another 5-10kg of healthy weight and am still skeptical that this might actually be a game changer for me.

Calorie surplus will result in weight gain. Calorie surplus + Sufficient muscular stress will result in muscle mass gain. That simple I guess.

I’m at the other end of the scale (5ft11, 80kg) looking to trim fat and gain lean mass. I’m guessing that by helping me really narrow down energy in vs energy out, Huel will make this possible.

Edit: Just reread your post… Have you ever checked your TDEE? If you’re eating 3000kcal per day and then hitting the gym (Burning what, on average 500kcal?) you’ll be back down to what I guess is near your TDEE anyway (2500).

Thanks for your reply!
I need around 2500 to maintain my weight and 500 extra to gain.
Does that mean I need 3500kcal on gym days?

This is useful as a guide.

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I’d guess so, yes!

I mean as I said above, 3000 (intake) - 500, possibly more (gym) = 2,500 which is going to be your maintenance.

Give it a go at 3,500. You’ll vary a few kilos between days (bodily water content etc) but take weigh ins every day when you wake up at the same time. Plot them over a month and see where you find yourself :smiley:

It helps immensly. I’m not a hardgainer by any means, but Huel has allowed me to maintain a steady longterm caloric intake. Through working nightshifts and irregular hours, Huel is always available and does the job. I’ve been maintaining without issue, and gain when I push my intake. You won’t be disappointed in that, at least.

1.2 was by far better in caloric density, however, as I required way way less water to get my 400calories in. I hope you like thick shakes. Where I used to be able to get 2500 calories a day on 2 liters of water, I now do 2000 calories on 2.5 liters.

Take it easy and get used to it before you do more than one or two bottles a day. It’s a shakeup inside, don’t shock your stomach.

Yup, feel free to add me if you wanna trade secrets haha —>