Huel and gaining weight and muscle

Hi. I just got my shipment of Huel and I’m exited to try it out.

I just have a couple of questions.

I’m going to the gym three times a week lifting weight and I’m trying to gain weight and muscle. I bought Huel in part because it would save me so much time cooking all these meals.
Gaining weight is something that always has been very hard for me, I’m 185cm and 70kg. To gain weight I need close to 3000kcal every day.
I’m going to work up to getting half of that from Huel and the rest from regular meals, and just see how that works out.

What’s worrying me is the amount of proteins I would be consuming. If I were to consume 100% Huel at 3000kcal per day, that would be 224g of proteins every day. I know I’m trying to gain muscle but from what I’ve read from some sources 160g of protein per day would be enough for me.
Is 224g of proteins too much? Is anyone else here consuming this much protein, and if so how are you feeling?

Also. What I’ve read about nutrition has mostly been from the Paleo community. So I’m a big believer in high fat diets.
So I was wondering what the reasoning behind the low fat content of Huel is?

I was thinking about maybe adding some fat source to my Huel. Like Coconut oil.
Has anyone else done this? Would you advice against it? If so why?


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Someone more experienced than me is better answering the nutritional side of your question. But I’m pretty much on a 100% Huel diet (5 scoops, three times a day)… and I feel really, really good. I wasn’t exercising before changing, but like others on here just felt the desire to work out (lots of energy and drive). I’m putting on muscle just fine, pretty much none of the lethargy and low moods I’ve had before and my confidence has grown somewhat (I attribute that to the working out, but who knows). If adding fat adds to the workout please tell me… but I think it’s going to be an add on rather than a necessity.

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Hi - I know a lot of people consuming Huel for the reason’s you are ding very well with it.

Protein issue - read this thread

Huel is not low fat - 30% of the energy comes from fat. We believe the balance of 30:30:40 is both suitable for all as well as hitting the balance of what people want.

I see. So that puts you at about 2300kcal per day. How much do you weigh if you don’t mind me asking? I was only worried about the balance in the Huel when I was eating way more than I burn. Like 3000kcal at 70kg is quite a lot I think.
Also, can you fit five scoops in a regular shaker and still get it lump free. I tried four scoops last night in my shaker and that got me a fairly lumpy meal. :slight_smile:

Ok thanks I’ll check it out.
Yeah ok, it’s not low in fat. Medium in fat then.