I want to bulk up / combining Huel with meals for gym time

Hi all,

First of all English is not my native language i hope you all will bare with me, there is going to be a lot of misspelled words in this topic.

I am a male 23 years old 185cm and currently weight 83Kilograms and around 13% body fat. I have started at a new job 2 weeks ago and trough stress i eat a lot less than normal and i almost lost 4kg in 2 weeks. (I have a small belly devlopment, the belly grows but the gains are losing)

The lost weight is visibly for my eyes ofcourse. I am a hard gainer, and a hard eater. I have a really hard time eating and gaining weight in muscles afcourse. hitting the gym is no problem for me i really love doing that but it seems i just cant get the right amount of food i need to gain a descent amound of muscle. Two days ago i run into an ad for Huel. I looked at the site and saw some good potential replacement of food. With 180grams of carbs, 60 grams of fat and 140 grams of protein the 2000kcal meal a day is a good starting point but obviously it doesnt contains enough protein to make you grow.

So my question is for the people who use this to bulk, is it easy to have 4 meals of Huel a day (125grams) and eat beside the shakes? I have a diet and that contains about 250grams of protein 200grams of carbs and a 100grams of fats, so if i use this and eat some on the side with proper workout that would mean i would grow. Is there any one out here that tried this? some one with a bit of expierence?

And is it possible to use this shake with a daily dose of creatine? and some whey protein on the side?

Thankyou all.

Ignore what you’ve been fed by the industry. I’ve never seen conclusive evidence that anything above 150g per day for your typical lifter is of benefit, it’s diminishing returns unless you run a 6 day program.

As for all of your questions after that:

  • Yes
  • Yes
  • Yes


Myself and numerous others here use Huel for fitness and have seen great benefit. As you say, I throw in a scoop of chocolate whey (mainly for taste) and 5g of creatine every morning.

4 x 125g depends entirely on your calorie goal and TDEE.

My biggest shake is:

  • 400ml whole milk
  • 200g Huel
  • 5g creatine
  • 30g chocolate whey
  • 30g almond butter

That’s around 1300 calories (I think, haven’t checked Myfitnesspal) and is around 1 litre.

What I’m trying to get across is that Huel is as flexible as you make it. I eat mainly Huel but also a tonne of chicken and around 24 eggs a week with a fair bit of veg.

It’s just food, and if you eat it in a caloric surplus with sufficient progressive overload, you’ll gain muscle. :slight_smile:

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Thanks man, im defenitly going to try this. Maybe a stupid question but i can’t find how much grams a bag of Huel contains. Do you know how much one bag contains?

Sure, 1.75kg, 1750g.

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So how long will a bag last if you consume the full 2000kcal a day?

Bruhhhhh do dem maths.

500g per day for 2000 cals. :slight_smile:

On full 2000 cals, a bag will last around 3.5 days. Not sure if 2000 cals is enough for a bulk, mind.

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Yea, 1750/125 = 14 // 14/4 = 3,5 a day for 1 bag.

But what i dont understand is if you order you need to order atleast 2 ‘‘pouches’’ so when you add a pouch is it 1x 2 pouches or 2x 2 pouches?

I honestly don’t understand the question hahaha.

If you want 2 bags you order 2 bags, if you want 4 bags you order 4?

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