Huel for Bulking?

Hello everybody,

This is my first time posting on the Huel forums, but have been using Huel for the past few months.

I was just reaching out to see if anybody has had any success using Huel for muscle gain or if it’s more or less meant for weight loss.

Currently I’m taking Huel for breakfast, lunch, dinner with a serving size of 3 cups per meal. I do have snacks in between but they aren’t the most nutritious snacks.

Any past successes or findings per you fine people would be very appreciated, thank you.

Three CUPS per meal!? You mean like when mixed with water, right? If not, holy hell.

Lol yes, with water. 500ml of water and than an extra 100 on top of that.

Your question demonstrates a lack of understanding of bulking.

Huel isn’t a weight loss product, nor is it a weight gain product. You also don’t “take” Huel. Do you “take” milkshake? Do you “take” rice?

It’s simply a variety of foods blended into a convenient powder. It has a generous serving of protein and a plentiful supply of carbs, as well as a good helping of healthy fats. My point being, it’s literally just food, hence you eat Huel, not take it :smiley:

Whether or not it is good for bulking depends on how you use it. Eat more calories of Huel than your TDEE and you’ll gain weight. Eat less than your TDEE and you’ll lose weight.

As for the question itself, I’ve had reasonable success during bulking periods using Huel. Its macro composition (30P, 40C, 30F) works well for me, although during bulking I’ll typically blend an egg or two in as well as consume chicken breasts in pasta for lunch.

Find your TDEE, eat a reasonable surplus of calories (maybe 300 depending on your height, weight and age) and you’re on your way to bulking. :slight_smile:

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In my personal experience, no. I ended up getting severely constipated with bouts of IBS