18 Year Old 65KG, Trying to bulk

Hi All.

I have finished my first 3 weeks of Huel.

I have been taking 3 shakes of 5 scoops a day. I have not noticed any weight gain. I have also been consuming food with my meals so I will tend to eat a meal then finish with Huel, I am not sure if its possible that a liquid based shake can be broken down and digested and absorbed properly. I have bought another batch to keep going with this. I may need to eat more but hoping Huel can supplement without it I just can’t do it.

Does any actually know if the human body can utilize this liquid goodness?


Hi - 5 scoops in one go it quite a lot. What else do you eat on a daily basis?

What style of training are you doing? Are your lifts prgressing?

maybe some more information would be helpful. how many calories are you getting a day? how many carbs? are you hitting the same numbers consistently day in day out?

I am not doing any training atm.

I vary on what I eat but I generally have 3 big meals a day and 3 huels with 4 scoops atm, I was wanting to start cardio but I still want to gains weight. Is this possible?


If you’re eating more calories than you’re burning then you’ll gain weight, it’s that simple!

As long as you are eating enough calories to ensure that your intake is larger than your TDEE (the amount of calories that your body burns through it’s normal functions on a day to day basis) and whatever you’re burning off with cardio, then you will gain weight.

You’ll need to train hard too, and get a good routine. This may be of use


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What James said. If you start consuming a shed load of calories without some kind of training you’re going to put on fat. I’m naturally skinny too - was around 60kg before I started training - and naturally skinny ppl tend to put on weight around the belly only. It’s not a good look!

I’m currently bulking too, a really good routine if you’re living a busy lifestyle with no time for the gym is Freeletics, just need space and motivation and around 20 mins a day. Give a go and see how you get on with it, but without some for of training the guys are right, you’ll just put on fat, no muscle.

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Thanks for all the input guys. I’m am indecisive between a weight gainer protein shake or huel 3 times a day with healthy eating. I’ve not really progressed far with huel as of yet I have huel 3x a day with 4 scoops now aswell as lunch and dinner

Would a protein shake be better for this like serious mass?

Also ment to say I am 19, 6’1 roughly 60KG in weight and I train 4 times a week and a work at a desk job

Hi Ryan . I am also using heul to gain weight , I have only had it for one week. I have four scoops 3 times a day. Before finding this stuff . I used to use weight gainers . I first used mammoth And then moved onto hyper gain. And trust me this stuff goes down a load better , I used to get seriously bloated . And due to being bloated I couldn’t eat properly , so therefore I didn’t gain much weight . Also I woke up with bad headaches due to the amount of sugar in them . I did gain with the hyper gain but was much more of a struggle than I beileve it would be with Huel , oh and the consistency of mammoth n hyper gain is very gloppy (like runny eggs). Very off putting ,lol …but I am supprised you’ve not gained after 3 weeks tho, I will have to see for myself I guess , :confused:

Hi @Ryan_Young if you’re not making gains, you’re simply not eating enough or you’re not training hard enough. As well as your Huels and you lunch and dinner, add another solid meal. Also, you may think you’re training hard, but are you? Really?

If you’re a hard gainer, you need to train super hard and sensibly. I’ve been training 27 years and I was once a 19 year old hard gainer and I didn’t have the luxuries of Huel or even decent protein powders. I used to think I was training hard, but I wasn’t!