Gaining weight on a full liquid diet


has anyone made it to gain weight living on a full liquid diet?

It would be great if someone here could give me a plan when to drink what amount, and in what ratio to mix the powder with fluids (that is water - but I am open to other suggestions).

Thanks in advance!

All about the calories in and the calories out. You can gain, maintain or lose weight using Huel. The kinda general ‘rule of thumb’ is 500 extra calories per day on top of your ‘maintenance’ calories (the number of calories you would have per day and not gain nor lose weight) will add 1lb of body mass per week. The hardest part is very often working out what your ‘maintenance’ actually is.

Things to take into consideration/ask:
Is your weight steady at present?
Have you tried to log your food calories at all using My Fitness Pal or similar apps?
Do you exercise at all?
Are you used to using 100% Huel?

There are weight gain calculators on the net to try and help work out what you need to consume calorie-wise which can then help work out how many calories using Huel you need to consume. These calculators use gender, age, height, weight, levels of activity and your target weight (and other optional details) to give an estimate of the calories you’ll need to have per day.

Slow and steady is always the best way.

I’m sure others will jump in and provide advice and guidance too but unfortunately, it’s not so easy as just saying xxx grams of Huel per day spread across yyy number of shakes.

when you say gain weight dyu mean you want to get fat or gain muscle,?

Check out our article on gaining weight and let me know if you have any questions :slight_smile:


Not seen that before, thanks! I’m going to need to start to bulk and cut in about 2 months based on a diminishing trajectory of where I currently am.

Protein powders gonna suck when I’m so used to huel, is there anything wrong with adding them in to the huel shake or should I keep it all separate?

No, nothing wrong with adding protein powder to your Huel if you feel you need to.

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I want to gain both fat and muscle. Currently I am only doing cardio workouts. Huel ist not the only liquid I consume, but the problem is that I cannot eat solid foods. I find it hard to track calories, so I haven’t done that yet - and I’d rather like to avoid it in the future, as it seems to require a lot of extra work and energy.

I’ve lost some weight in the last time, so it is really important that I manage to gain some weight again, as I am extremely unsatisfied with being so thin.

The problem seems to be that liquids have a lower caloric density than solids…or that the body can’t process them the same way.

When I followed your link the article did not give a detailed plan about what and how much to consume at what time. Could you give me something like that? Would be really great, thanks in advance!

And,regarding flavors: Did you find any differences between them, that is are some flavors less “filling” than others or increasing appetite?

Thanks again for your advice!

No this isn’t necessarily true. Also, the only difference will be a lack of chewing, otherwise solid and liquid foods are pretty much digested in the same way.

Huel is flexible to fit into your individual lifestyle. If you want a detailed, tailored plan you are best to set up a 1:1 consultation with a registered nutritionist or dietitian.

No there are no differences in terms of satiety.

The problem is that registered nutritionists are often sceptical towards full liquid diets/meal replacements like Huel (at least in my experience).

Yes I agree. Showing the the ingredients list of Huel (because brands vary a lot) can help and also putting across your goals and where you think Huel fits in.