Can I use Huel to gain weight? Any advice please. Thanks

Hey, I’m trying to gain weight and bulk up a little, I was recommended Huel but most of the notes I’ve read relate to it being a good weight loss product. What’s my plan? Do I have more than most? Can I make it with whole milk instead of water? Help needed, thanks.

Hi Jamie, great to hear from you and welcome to the Forum!

Have you taken a look on our website? You might be interested in our Guide to Gaining Weight. This will answer all your questions!

You certainly can use milk instead of water, it will disrupt the macro-nutrient balance somewhat but will give Huel an even creamier consistency.

I hope this helps.

thanks Tim, I’ve seen the link now. Would you recommend using milk with Huel as a way to gain? You state it changes a few things, are they better or worse changes in my case?

I’m not gaining weight on Huel (not consuming enough calories at the moment) but my physical appearance and also performance in the gym are better. Weight gain or loss will simply depend on how many calories you are consuming. More than you need per day = weight gain. Fewer than you need = weight loss. I’m currently on about 2500 (around 1400 from Huel) and I’m maintaining my weight.