Gaining weight

Hey everyone,

Long story short, I struggle with appetite and gaining weight. So my goal with Huel is to complement my not-so-great diet that is very low in calories and gain healthy weight. I don’t mind if I gain some fat, but I rather gain weight as healthily as possible.

So I wanted to know everyone else’s experiences, if you also used Huel to gain weight, and how did it work for you?

Do you have any tips, or any food/snack that complements the Huel shakes? Even though I find it easier to just chug down a drinkable meal, I feel sometimes I miss eating something after a shake (but the things I want to eat aren’t really healthy).

Would love to hear about your experiences.

Hi - there are a lot of useful articles here in the guides section - including this one on gaining weight - hopefully they will be of help to you.

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Hey there and welcome to the forum! Huel will definitely be able to help you add additional calories to your diet with minimal effort. As a compliment is definitely a great way to do this. You can continue eating what you’re eating now (which sounds like it isn’t enough) and then add some Huel on top for some quick but nutritious calories.

Hopefully others will chime in here with some really useful information to help you out.

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