Starting huel soon to gain weight

Hi everyone,

After lurking on these forums a while I’ve ordered some huel for the first time.

Unlike many people I’m hoping to gain some (healthy) weight.

Due to being quite I’ll as a teen/young adult (cfs) I’ve always had some problems with food. One of the symptoms I still haven’t gotten rid off is that my body doesn’t really register hunger. I know many people might be jealous of that, but it’s pretty annoying when you’re busy and forget to eat until you get dizzy. At that point I usually go for the first available thing which rarely is an healthy option. Also there is a very thin line for me between being full and being so full i get sick.

Because of this is I am slightly underweight and looking to gain a bit in a healthy way.

So I’m hoping that huel can help me with these things.

I do have a few things I could use advice on:
-how quickly should I/can I increase my intake of calories?
-how much energy does it take to digest compared to solid (vegetarian)food?

Any help/experiences are appreciated, I’m looking forward to start this adventure soon.


Having tried this myself, I would say just try to eat as much as you can whenever you can make a shake, your body will tell you if it’s too much. Sorry if you wanted something more scientific!

No worries, any input is welcome.

This may be of interest:

Thank you! I’ve started huel a few days ago and I feel a lot better already. I’m not sure if I actually gained weight (don’t have scales) but I will definitely keep going with it.

I’m going to 100% huel once my body has fully adjusted to it and will use the tips in that guide. I’ll let you guys now how it goes.

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@Astrid I have a friend that has trouble gaining weight too, how has it worked out for you? :slight_smile: