Getting off Huel - weight gain?

Hi all,

I’m worried that if I get off the Huel the weight that I lost will come back. It’s like crack - you get skinny and then get off it and you gain the weight back. Any tips?

Found this community by accident - wanted to thank Huel for my weight loss :slight_smile: 8.1kg in 3 months and still going. Started at 94.1kg and am 86kg today. Lunch and Breakfast and then no holds barred for dinner :slight_smile: Been tracking the progress on youtube if you guys want to see. I update once a week - plan is to get to 80kgs (176 pounds). Now the tough kilograms are ahead of me, but hopefully another 10 weeks will do the trick. But still worried about the future…

Check out the vids if you want:




Well done on the weight loss!! That’s really good going!

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Thanks Sarah :slight_smile: But still a long way to go :frowning:

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Never give up! Taking it a day at a time is a good approach (or maybe a week at a time)! :muscle:t2:

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Hey Mac,

So have you a strong reason for quitting the stuff? I think from my perspective this is one of the giant advantages — that you know you’re having exactly X calories per Huel dose, and that’s very helpful versus normal food. When I make a meal at home, almost always I’ve bought enough ingredients that just to use stuff up I’ll eat more than I need to: there’ll be half a portion left over or something, so why not throw it on another piece of toast (or whatever) rather than having not-quite-a-meal sitting around in the fridge.

That said, one of my most successful past periods of weight loss had as a major element the idea of paying attention to my body and not eating until I felt genuinely hungry. It messes with the socially “normal” timetable of meals, but if you do wait until your body tells you it needs sustenance instead of eating when you’re expected to eat, you might find that helps.

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