3 weeks on huel = Weight gain?

I started huel in the new year and have been doing 2 x shakes a day - 3 scoops each then eating a regular meal at dinner.

I thought i wouldnt have lost to much weight but not gained considering i have stopped eating so unhealthy for breakfast and lunch. I am not to active i have a muscular disability limiting my exercise but i still walk to the bus and to work about 40 mins of walking a day the rest i am at in an office chair.

What am i doing wrong? am i consuming to much huel and counteracting? Would i be wise to go 100% huel for a week to see the outcome? i enjoy huel now the taste and using it.

Any help/suggestions. I’m not trying to dramatically lose weigh just a few kgs.

You’d need to work out how many calories you need per day, and see how many calories are in your evening meal.

I find My Fitness Pal great as it has most food and drink items on there so its easy to keep log of all calories.

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Had the same thing… week 5 for me. Lost 8lbs in first 3 weeks on 2 scoops in 400 mls twice a day then 500 cal meal in evening.
Week 4 did exactly the same thing but didn’t lose anything at all. Monday/Tuesday this week just had huel (cut out evening meal) so technically about 600/700 calls a day - Gained a pound??!!!
I’m still at least 20lbs overweight so it’s not like there’s nothing left to lose lol !
I don’t exercise but work full time in a fairly active job… Just don’t get it??

You’re looking into it too much. 1lb is nothing, nor is 2lb or 3lb. Eating a salty meal can make your weight jump due to water retention (for example, after eating 30 Ikea meatballs and drinking 3 litres of water for the rest of the day, I managed to increase my weight by a couple of KG). Having a more full bowel than usual can also knock your weight up a tiny bit.

If you consistently stay the same weight, your caloric intake is exceeding your TDEE (Total Daily Energy Expenditure) and you’re stagnating your weight loss, if not gaining.

Review your caloric intake and drop it by 200 and proceed to carry on weighing every few days, ensuring you note the trend rather than individual weigh ins.

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I haven’t had any salt! It’s just been huel for 3 days now… Thats only 700 calories a day. I’m not sure reducing calories by a further 200 a day is a healthy option - Nor should it be necessary to go that low to lose weight for someone with a fairly active lifestyle.

Nope, you’re completely right. 700 calories is too little in the first place. Apologies, I didn’t realise this.

What’s your scoop breakdown?

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