Huel working well

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I am now on going into my fourth week on Huel and have currently lost 11lb working really well having 6 scoops per day with calories topped up having tea and coffee with semi skimmed milk. Daily calorie intake averaging 1400.


Thanks for sharing, congratulations on your weight loss - really pleased that Huel is helping. How are you feeling will just 1400 calories?

We recommend to lose up to 2lb per week in our Guide for Fat Loss. You are touching on 3lb per week - just make sure you aren’t restricting too much to give yourself the best chance of maintenance. If you have any questions then let us know.

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I’ve hueled now for 1 week and am getting on ok with it, I use a well k own app which say 1450 calories for weight loss per day. I do two scoops for breakfast & lunch and then have a healthy evening meal. I work out moderately 3 times per week and I have not lost anything at all !! Am I doing something wrong!! I am tracking through the app the food I have and using menus like Jamie O’s superfood as the calories are already sorted per portion. Does anyone know where I am going wrong? Any advise would be appreciated and welcomed incase I need to start a fresh in another way. Thanks Kris :hugs:.

The simplest thing to say would be to either workout more/be a little more active or to cut down on the calories a little. What you also need to bare in mind though is that when you work out, if you gain muscle and lose fat, it’d be healthy but the scales won’t tell you that, only how you feel and how you look.


Tim ok on 1400 calories i am having 2 shakes a day 3 scoops each take a late breakfast than save other for late evening.Drinking plenty of water and 0 calorie drinks helps i do no exercise but have a manual job so that helps a bit.

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Hi Kris

suppose it depends on your workouts you could be burning fat and gaining muscle which would offset weight ,maybe have the huel as well immediately after workout.

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Do you think it’s a good idea to save a scoops worth of calories for after working out?

It’s recommended to eat within 30 minutes after a workout as I remember.

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How much water is in your body fluctuates much more than fat or muscle, so single weighings may not tell you very much. One week is too little time to see distinct change. My advice would be to weigh yourself every day (and not freak out over what the scale shows) and calculate an average each week.

If after a month you find that you’re not losing weight you might have to cut down on your calories even more. You could also work out more, but generally it’s easier to adjust food intake.

Related: I recommend anyone trying to lose weight to do some strength training at least twice a week, to make sure that most of the weight you lose is fat instead of muscle. This will make it easier to stay at your target weight. And it will make you look hotter.

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