Huel and weightloss

I will be using Huel to ensure I have consumed the right amount of calories and nutrients for a more active lifestyle.

I am

Age: 28
Height: 5 foot 6
Weight: 13 stone 10
Sex: female

I will be weighing myself again in a week to see if there has been any changes!


Very intriguing, don’t you think its better to weight in a month? as first week might be too fast?

I agree with @insduck 1 week is way too soon to be certain of any weight loss gains. Typically with a gradual and healthy approach to weight loss, it may take anywhere of 3 - 6 weeks broadly speaking, to notice any true weight loss gains taking place - however that will depend on a few things such as A) the individual B) how hard you’re training and C) your diet.

Also will agree to do a month to begin with or even a fortnight. Your body fluctuates every day by 5-6 pounds.

As regards frequency of weighing I think that is down to the individual.
When I want to lose weight I record everything I eat/drink on my fitness pal and weigh myself daily, first thing every morning after going to the loo. I stick to a 500 cal deficit, aiming for a steady 1lb per week loss. I use TDEE calculator to work out baseline weight first. Works for me.


In terms of actual weightloss I of course understand that the true results won’t be seen for a few months. This is not my first rodeo!

However weekly targets help me stay on track. I am aiming for a 1lb loss each week. Weekly weigh ins will help me to see if my workout regime is working and I am using huel to increase my daily caloric intake as I average around 500-800 calories a day (unintentionally, not through wanting to lose weight).

I am now looking to consume 1200 calories a day with 5-7 hours of exercise a week. I expect there to initially be some weight gain due to the increase in calories and then to see a decline.


Good Luck, look forward to see how you get on :+1: :clap:

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Ok. So 6 days in and I am weighing in at 13st 5lbs. I am assuming the 5lbs weightloss is water weight.

I am still struggling to hit 1200 calories a day though.

So far I’m only managing one huel powder drink with 2 scoops and 1 meal of H&S with 2 scoops and some vegetables.

Anyone else find that huel fills them up so much?

I have noticed I generally have more energy for exercise each day which is a great feeling!


I used to, but nowadays, if I have any Huel bars in the cupboard, I have to stop myself grabbing a couple of those straight after a shake. Things tend to settle down with time.

I was the same, used to fill me up especially the RTD and savoury but now I’m used to them I have to stop myself snacking straight after. Wait 30 minutes and the hunger seems to disappear.

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Can you have huel for every meal ?

Yeah definitely! Especially powder. That along with a cuppa coffee and I’m filled up until lunch! How many calories are you managing each day? Is it much less that 1200? There’s loads of higher density calorie foods you could have which are still nutritious!

So happy to hear this! How are you getting on 2 weeks later?

Not sure if this was a more general question, or more directly asking Ashton whether they find it possible - so I apologise if I’m butting in here.

But you can have Huel for all your meals - v3.0 and Hot & Savoury are your best bets - however, it’s not something we recommend. You will see me saying this a lot across the forum, but the purpose of Huel isn’t a total meal replacement, it’s healthy convenience food. To make sure you’re getting great, easy to make nutrition in at those times in the day you would otherwise eat something expensive/low in nutrition. We also don’t recommend the 100% approach because for new Hueligans it can be quite a shock for the system, and ultimately isn’t a good experience. Slow and steady wins the race :blush:

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Hey @Swee so great to hear how you’re getting on with your Huel Journey <3 RESPECT👊

Have you considered making a smoothie? This may seem counter-intuitive to feeling full up though it may help you to hit your 1200 calorie ideal.

I find adding Soya yoghurt, 1 x fruit alone can bring a 400kcal Huel serving up to near 500kcal and won’t do much in the way in adding to feeling full!

I use 100g Soya Yoghurt which contains approx 50 cals (depending on brand) and a 80g - 120g whole fruit, like an apple is also approx 50 cals (depending on weight)

If you then apply this to H&S - all you have to do is find 100kcal from the veg you’re eating and maybe something protein based (or a 2nd serving of fruit) like Tofu for example, to notch up the protein by 6g. That’s a 50g serving of tofu which will be 59kcal Ocada - Tofu Nutritional Info
That’ll yield a 30g protein filled H&S! HELL YAS!

You can easily hit 500kcal meal with this approach and you’d be at around 1000kcal which is pretty close to 1200kcal mark. All you’d need then is something like a Huel Bar (or similar haha)

Maybe one day you just say f*** it and experiment with it and try to deal with the fullness. At least then you’ll have a grasp of what you find comfortable for you :grin:

You probably know all this already but sometimes it’s nice to hear it from your fellow Hueligans :man_shrugging::sunglasses:

As Bee and Martyn have said everyone pretty much feels full at the start. I still one year later feel full but it’s a good full - sometimes I put a heat bag on my stomach and that helps too as you pass the time.

Keep on going!!

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What a crazy month! Unrelated to me trying to lose weight, I have been in the hospital twice, got really sick from the COVID vaccine and have just generally had barriers thrown at me all month.

However, today is the day I finally hit my calorie goal!

Thanks everyone for all your advice.

I blended 1 of the bars (which I really dislike) with two scoops of powder and then made pancakes with it (using half almond milk, half water and a banana). Combine this with my morning powder huel drink and I have hit 1000 calories already.

Dinner will be roasted veggies which is approx. 200 cals.

So exciting!

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How did that turn out?

Pretty good actually! I diluted the batter loads though until it tastes OK so I didn’t really get the full huel bar I suppose but I’ve kept the leftover batter for tomorrow.

I used the chocolate orange bar with the vanilla powder.

Oh and a vegan egg replacement powder as well.

I think I’m on to something to get these bars eaten. I’m going to look into making some kind of brownies with them too!

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Interesting and it acts like a pancake, i guess the vegan egg replacer helps with that.

You got so sick from your COVID vaccine that you needed hospital treatment? Which one did you get? Astra Zeneca?

Are you feeling better now? I hope you do, and wish you good luck with your weight loss goals.

It wiped me out for 6 hours

Congratulations :partying_face:

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I had a 40° temperature for two days and so I was admitted overnight to make sure there wasn’t anything else going on. Knocked me out for over a week! All okay now though. The second incident was a accident that lead to being in A&E for a day. Never been to hospital prior to this haha.

Yeah that’s the one I had but I’m the person who gets super sick from the flu shot too and that can knock me out for a week as well. I just have a weak immune system.