Huel and weightloss

At least it means that you produced a larger amount of antibodies and therefore maybe even that the vaccine was more effective.

What kind of accident did you have? Hopefully not a serious injury. Was it caused by your vaccination related “weakness”? Have you already recovered from it?

Oh yes all good now. Back to exercising and getting more active.

No it was unrelated and nothing too bad. All recovered now!

Just struggling to get that calorie count to where I want it!

So, asides from one day where I was out of the house for most of it and so didn’t have huel that day, I have managed to get to 1200 calories daily!

This is a really positive step towards getting healthy and fit!!

I’ll be trying to maintain 1200 a day for a few weeks before pushing to 1300, 1400 and then finally to 1500 which is the ultimate goal.

Fingers crossed this is the start of something long lasting :crossed_fingers::crossed_fingers:

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