3 Weeks in - Weight Loss Progress Slowing, Help?

I’m currently 3 weeks into using Huel for weight loss and I’ve noticed progress slowing is this normal ?
So as a bit of background - I work an office job and don’t eat too well, I’m 24 years old, 6’1 and to start with I was 13st8 when I started and lost 3.5Lbs in week 1 & 3Lbs in week 2. However this last week I only lost 1.5Lbs is this normal to slow down this much ?
If its any help I eat Huel granola or Weetabix minis for breakfast, 3 scoops Huel Mint Chocolate made with either water or semi skimmed milk for lunch and then a regular dinner, and either bananas or oranges for snacks ?
(Also attempting to go for evening & Lunchtime walks)
Am I going wrong or is this normal ?

Are you actually monitoring your calories? Just in your comment alone I can see a potential for huge variance on your calorie intake.
Would digests your set your yourself up on My Fitness Pal, just to monitor your intake, don’t bother with monitoring your exercise calories it’s not hugely accurate for that.

Hope you that helps.


Hi Tanni,
Thanks for the reply,
I am roughly monitoring calories by ensuring servings are always same size each time,
but I’m not tracking calories accurately, I will definitely look into “My Fitness Pal”
Thanks Again

Hi Jon. Accurate calorie counting has been helping me lose weight over the past 4 months. I use MFP to keep a food diary and eat at a 500 calorie deficit. This loses me 1lb per week. There is plenty of info on losing weight on here. Just do a search and start reading. Good luck! :+1:

It’s normal. You lose a lot of water weight initially, that’s why the number drops more dramatically in the first week or two.

1.5 lb is actually a lot to drop in a week. You’re eating roughly 750 calories less than you burn per day to accomplish that. So you’re doing great. Remember Huel isn’t a magic product. Basic calories in vs calories out is getting you the results.


Just realised all the typos - rushing for the train. As mentioned above I have learnt a ton also from this forum.

I would also say, in addition to counting calories and training, I have become very conscious of the additional calories I burn just by upping my general daily activity, walking more, taking the stairs, etc. Everything helps. I would also recommend following @jamessmithpt on Instagram- not all the gym junkies on here like him, but he talks a lot of sense, an educator rather than an influencer. Been following him for ages, love his no bs style along with his mate @coachkartal who pushes the whole getting your NEAT (non exercise activity thermogenesis) up. They’re both informed and hilarious.

A nice change from some of the overly serious dry info out there.


I have noticed a slow down in weight lost over time - started at 138kg and now, in just under a month lost 8kg (17 pounds). My loss has slowed down but to about 2lb a week - I believe the initial loss is mainly water.

I weigh myself daily but realise that on some days I may gain weight but as long as the trend over the week is downward, I am happy.

That’s still not bad.

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I am happy with my 1lb per week :grin:


Losing around 1-2lbs a week is sustainable weight loss. And it all adds up! 1lb a week is still around 2 stone after 6 months! Weight loss is about consistent good habits.

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