Huel for weight loss when not got a lot to lose?

I’ve really enjoyed reading everyone’s weight loss threads on here, it’s really inspiring and motivating me to get going. My problem is that I don’t have a huge amount to lose. I’m a 5’8” female and I weigh 10st 5lb (about 66kg) which I know is not overweight, but my weight has been creeping up since I hit my 30s and now I’m almost half way through them I’d really like to get back to the 9 - 9 and a half stone mark (57-60kg ish). Has anyone else had a similar experience? I do yoga and have just also started the couch to 5k as I know my fitness levels are poor which isn’t helping my weight and tone. I’m just wondering how long, roughly and by others’ experience, it might take me to lose the weight? I’m not in a particular rush but I like to have a realistic goal in sight.


I would say 0.5 KG (1lbs) per week is reasonable. You will achieve this by having a 500 kcal deficit per day.

Thanks, I am hoping by using Huel I will be able to keep better track of how much I’m eating. I eat a lot of homemade food so sometimes I find that hard to track even using my fitness pal.

I seem to go up and down a couple of pounds every day… eg last week I was at 10st 4lb and then the next day I was 10st 6.4lbs, then the next day 10st 5lbs What is with that? Am I just eating too much?

Weight varies from day to day, can be water or food in your system.

Best thing to do is weigh yourself daily for a week (7 days), add the numbers and divide by 7 - that way you get your average weight over the course of a week which is better since weight fluctuates from one day to another.

That’s a good idea, I will definitely do that.

Do you (or anyone else) have tips for losing water weight? I know I haven’t drunk enough in the past and so am trying to increase and drinking herbal tea, and am cutting down coffee to just one a day. Anything else?

That usually solves itself. Salt can definately trigger water retention, though. I wouldn’t generally worry about it. :slight_smile:

I’ve heard about someone who weights himself every day and takes the average of the entire week and then compares that to the average of next week.

That way you’ll know what progress you really made because when you weigh at a specific time every week it’s possible you had a big dinner the day before that and it’s not a good presentation of how much you really lost.

I have not tried it for myself yet but I can imagine the result is better since weight can be very unstable per day which leads me to give up of I don’t see any result.

I’m so reassured that it’s not just me. Hopefully with increased exercise and using Huel for my breakfast and lunch I’ll start seeing a more reliable pattern.

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That’s indeed what my Fitbit app does.

I started Huel a month ago or so, and lost 4Kg in the first three weeks. Then it slowed down, but still loosing weight. I don’t have a lot of weight to loose (I was 77, now I’m 74, I’d like to go down around 70). I eat 50gr of Granola with milk or juice for breakfast, normal lunch and 100gr of Huel for dinner. Never feel empty or craving for sweets anymore. :slight_smile:

I think after the first rush (and water loss), it will settle to 0.2 - 0.5 a week, which is fine. :slight_smile:

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I’d be really happy if my loss followed the same pattern, it’s shifting the initial bit that I always struggle with. If I had similar to yours in the first few weeks I think that would be a really good motivator to keep going

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Don’t know if any of this will help…

I started using Huel (typically replacing breakfast and lunch, but not 100% consistently) to try and eat more healthily rather than for weight loss specifically. My diet is (was?) pretty poor. That was 1st Feb this year. To give you an idea, I’ve just started my 9th bag (I think!).

I don’t measure religiously but I’ll between 3 and 4 full scoops each time. My other meals haven’t changed… mainly overly processed, but varying from cold meats to Quorn to takeaway pizza and also a meal out 1-2 times per week. I also drink alcohol (lager mainly) in excess of what is recommended (and some weeks, WAY in excess).

In terms of exercise, I am a little unusual, I run 80-110 miles per week, and including this I probably average 30,000-35,000+ steps per day (39,000 so far today). Desk job.

I’m 5’11" and typically my weight fluctuates between 11 and 12 stone, normally around 11st5-11st9. Like you a day can be +/- several pounds.

After a few months using Huel I’ve generally felt healthier, my running has been much more consistent and I’m down to weight range 10st10-11st.

So… I think what I’m saying is that as part of an overall plan, Huel can definitely help you achieve your goals!

I can’t say it is purely down to Huel but my running has been up around the current level for a number of years but my weight has been steadily increasing, Huel seems to have reversed that.

I can’t speak to anyone else, but for me, I find it relatively easy to follow a strict diet regimen at work. I just make up a breakfast and lunch of whatever I want to eat, and eat it at relatively stable times throughout the day.

What kills me is coming home at the end of the day, and I’m tired and not feeling like cooking healthy foods or really even putting in any effort, so I’ll grab a bag of chips/crisps or … y’know, whatever is handy, and then just keep snacking until the bag is gone.

So for me, what has helped is continuing to eat my regular, more or less regimented diet during the day and then using Huel as my dinner. I worked out the calories, and I’m having about 1k calories during the day, so I have two servings of Huel in the evening (one as dinner, one as a snack), and that works out to about 2k calories per day.

If I get really hungry, I’ll have another 200 calories of popcorn as a snack. Still under my daily limit (I’m 6’1" and 235 lbs), so I’m still losing weight, slowly.

What you need to do for yourself is figure out which meals you’re least able to eat responsibly, and replace those with Huel. Keep eating the meals you’re able to eat “responsibly” and healthfully, and swap in Huel anywhere you find yourself unable to keep the eating under control.

Good luck!


Thanks so much both of you! I’m three days in now and after my initial shock of the sweetener taste I’m learning what flavours I like added to it and am actually really enjoying it. Today I made up 3 scoops with just over 500ml water and some banana flavour (just a smidge but that was plenty for me) and I had about 100ml for my breakfast (not a big brekkie person) and the rest for lunch. I had a satsuma mid morning and I took some crackers to eat with lunch but I didn’t finish them as I was full. In the evenings I cook for me and my boyfriend and he’s happy with my “healthy version of…” so I am doing ok there (highly recommend the new Tom Kerridge cookbook, the ‘fried’ chicken is amazing). I feel like this could stick for me especially while I’m at work. My problem is I’m about to enter the summer holidays and since I work in schools I won’t be at work… cue me wandering around the kitchen, opening cupboards and staring! Hopefully by then I’ll be more into my new habit so won’t be so tempted to eat the bad stuff.

I’ve lost 3 and a half pounds since last Friday, 1.5 of those since Tuesday when I started so I’m really happy so far, obviously know that rate won’t continue but it’s good motivation. Thanks for everyone’s answers so far, I find this forum so motivating and supportive!
(Also sported my Huel t shirt on my couch to 5k run today, so dedicated)