Slight weight gain 100% huel :(

So im really disheartened today. Ive been using huel for a few months now on and off and had good results with it. I normally have huel for breakfast and lunch and have a piece of fish or something for dinner. So by doing this i seen my weight drop 21lbs in 11 weeks.

Last Thursday i thought ill go 100% huel to crank the fat loss up and in a week im 0.75lbs up :frowning: hows this happened? Ive got alot of weight to lose and this has disappointed me as i thought id have lost a few lbs this week. Goal to lose 50lbs.

So my routine in the last week has been :-

6:15 take a t5 pill (eca) and an omega3 pill
6:30 burn around 250 kcal at gym
7:00 have 3 scoops of huel
11:00-12:30 have 3 scoops of huel
16:00 (mon, wed, fri) weights at gym.
17:00-18:00 3 scoops of huel
Im also drinking about 3-4 litres of water

Myfitness pal has estimated i should have 1720kcals a day to lose 2lbs a week. Im having 1377. How can i possibly put weight on? My diet cant be any more controlled than having only huel and only water along with exercise and a t5 pill to help too. Surely the weight should be dropping off?

Any help and advice would be greatly appreciated


Don’t stress! You’re slaying this - 0.75lb is nothing, seriously.

Your gain is likely all water if you’ve maintained deficit. Perhaps increasing Huel another notch has made your body retain a little extra water than usual.

The calories all add up and sound about right. Are you weighing at exactly the same time every day and all that jazz? Stay consistent and you’ll see the 0.75lb vanish in no time. I’ve weighed in 3 times this week on a 500 deficit, weigh ins have been 83.3kg, 82.9kg and 83.5kg. It varies, you’re a hugely complex being - Hold your confidence and you’ll smash that end goal! :muscle:t2:


Hi bud. Thanks for the reply. Yeah im weighing in first thing every day after emptying my bladder. Just found it strange. Its gone up. The scales better be showing a loss by the weekend :joy:

Thanks anyway bud. Have a good day

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This is completely normal. Just hang in there, you are losing fat. Could be water retention. Weight varies a lot. Weigh in daily each week, split by 7 and get an average instead!

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Hey! Firstly, congrats on losing the weight and your determination to lead a healthier lifestyle! :slight_smile:

I’d like to echo what the other guys said: weight definitely fluctuates a lot – I weigh daily and sometimes it goes up, sometimes it goes down…and this is what I tell myself to account for the variation (especially if I know I’m doing everything correctly):

  • Water retention
  • Food weight (you could have eaten a bit later the day before)
  • Waste weight (had a satisfying No.2 yet? :stuck_out_tongue: )
  • Muscle gain
  • Shifting your weight on the scale (depending on your scale, standing differently can have up to a 1kg difference!)
  • If you’re a female: It could be the TOM
  • The ‘Whoosh Effect’: Sometimes, your fat cells are still holding onto water, which could cause you to maintain your weight for ages or even increase. I often find that when keeping my habits consistent, the scale increases slightly just before a loss, then dips down below what it was maintaining at the next day.

If, after a couple of weeks (say 2-3 more), it still doesn’t go down, perhaps your calories are too low? Especially if you’re exercising so much. If there’s anything I’ve learnt from my days of extreme restriction, it’s not the lower the better; if not, we’d all be sticking to a 500kcal diet to lose the most weight fastest.

Tl;dr, don’t be disheartened, you got this! :smiley: Update us as to how it goes :slight_smile:


Thanks all for taking the time out and responding and offering youre advice and encouragement :grin:. Hope youre all having a great day in this weather :sunny:️:sunglasses:

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How long have you been lifting?

Perhaps you’ve gained a little muscle and lost fat still, it can and does happen, but more often in those who have a lot to lose, or just started lifting. :slight_smile:

Besides as @GTIPuG wrote, weight will fluctuate even if you keep calories nailed down, welcome to the mystery of the human body. My weight can fluctuate up or down several lbs over a week very easily, I tested this about a year ago and found even when weighing at the same time etc I’d still have a shift, water, salt, sleep, stress, hormones (Testosterone, oestradiol and cortisol) will all play a part.

In other words, don’t sweat it. :slight_smile:

I’m starting a mini cut in about 4-5 days, so might report how huel is working for me with regards to weight loss, only used it to perma bulk to where I’m at, I don’t even really need to cut, I’m just being vain af :wink: I sadly store all my fat on my lower abs, whereas my arms, chest legs have paper thin amounts of bf, I can see every vein pop in my quads when I squat for example. We’re all different.

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Yeah im weighing in first thing every day

I’ve been there, getting different results than expected isn’t exactly motivating… :frowning:

My tip would be: weigh in once a week on the same day and time. This will for a big part take care of the fluctuations stated in the posts above, giving you a clearer picture of your actual weight loss. You’re doing great, good luck! :muscle:

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I couldn’t even worry about a pound up or down let alone 0.75, I weigh myself in kilos and even that can fluctuate through a single week, keep it up you’re doing great.

You will also need to add calories if you have cups of tea/coffee during the day.
I find a Huel shake in the morning is quite a lot and prefer the Granola as it’s less calories.

I drink 100gram of Huel at 8, 12, 4 and 8 (1600 cals) and find I am rarely hungry even at a deficit (weight loss goal) personally

Like everyone else said don’t fret! My weight fluctuates by 1-3 pounds a day! Also when I work out or do muscle building yoga, I have a slight gain that I attribute to muscle gain. Doesn’t muscle weigh more than fat? I think it’s not all about weight but how you feel and also if you like how you look with realistic expectations.

Why are you consuming 350kcals or so under the target? I think 2lbs a week is seen as the most you should safely lose in order for your body to adapt and you not end up yo-yo’ing.


Well done on you achievements so far. You’re doing great. Keep it up!!!

First, I have heard, though I can’t back it up, that if you take too few calories your body produces cortisol which is a stress hormones that wants you to retain fat as it’s a better energy source and will burn your muscle and glycogen first. So keep the calories a bit higher.

Second, I’m a big fan in believing weight is a poor guide. When I played rugby, but was ripped (obvs long ago) I was essentially overweight, because I weighed more, I didn’t look it, but I was (BMI 26.4 at 6ft)
Try measuring the circumference of your body parts, back, legs, arms over time. Along with the weights you’re doing you’ll probably see much better improvements.

And third, (and potentially this is a bit out there), whilst goals are great, and achieving goals can be amazing, perhaps the goal for you (which it seems you’re more than achieving) is living a healthy lifestyle for this day…
The weight loss and more svelt body are a by-product of your amazing new life!!!

(I hope this is read with the positive sentiment that it’s meant!)

Good luck and keep going, it’s a long journey, let make it a good one.

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