Weight loss not happening

I have been on Huel for 10 days now, 3 days of one meal and a week of 2 meals replaced. I have one and a half scoops per meal and then a healthy dinner. No snacks no cheats. I do add to the Huel, either a banana, a spoonful of cocoa or a handful of frozen berries.
I have lost no weight at all.
Am I being impatient or am I doing it wrong?
I am 59 5’3”” and weigh 70 kg
I am aiming for 1200 calories a day and most days I am a little under.
I walk as much as possible and have a reasonably active job on my feet all day.
Any advice?

Hmm, if those figures are all correct, I would expect you to be seeing some weight loss, although personally I think under 1200 calories a day may be counterproductive.

Are you feeling hungry all the time?

Are you weighing at exactly the same time every two days? Best time is once you wake up after evacuating your bladder and/or bowels but before drinking or eating.

Highly recommend downloading Myfitnesspal app and entering your calories into it. It takes seconds. For that evening meal, healthy is a misnomer when it comes to weight loss. All you care about is how much energy is in it. My suspicion would be that your healthy meal contains too many calories, but crack out the weighing scales and get those calories counted and you’ll soon find out.

Your TDEE appears to be around 1700 so 1200 should definitely net you a 1lb per week loss.

I would measure once a week as weight can still go up and down quite a bit from one day to the next. Also, measure your waist, scales are not always a good tool to use especially if you workout etc (muscle weighs more than fat!)

The fear that “gaining muscle will mask the weight lost through fat loss” is nonsense in most cases. It takes a hefty caloric surplus to consistently build muscle tissue. If one is in caloric deficit, it’s almost inevitable that aside from “noob gains” lean muscle mass will not be gained. Most strength gains in deficit will be through CNS adaptations alone.

I agree. But more often than not people who are looking to shed weight aren’t super active either and often people decide to start exercising alongside calorie deficit and as a result get the as you said noob gains. Either way I still think scales are suboptimal, I still think its better to do measurements and noticing body mass loss in clothes etc. There are many factors when just using the scale that can effect the results, especially on a day-to-day basis. Sorry for my English

I’m not feeling too hungry at all. Most diets I feel really hungry all the time

Will check my evening meal more carefully , thanks for the advice

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From my point of view, weight loss depends on two factors:

  1. Calorie intake
  2. Burning calories

It does not matter if your food intake is about 3000 KCAL or 1200 kcal, it depends on how you burn that calories, so 1200 calories I think it is a bit risky. It would be better to increase the calories intake and your physical workout.

Thanks everyone for feedback. i am checking my dinner calories and will carry on

Start with finding out what your Basal Metabolic Rate is http://www.calculator.org/calculate-online/health-fitness/basal-metabolic-rate.aspx
(The Basal Metabolic Rate (or BMR) is this background rate of energy consumption, just to keep your breathing, circulation and metabolism ticking over)
Then factor in how many calories you burn during the day through exercise.

Hello there for serious weight loss try 1 scoop ( make sure it’s even) 3 times a day. Forget Bannana it just causes bloating when puréed also berry’s don’t help with high sugar activated when liquidised.
I use Dairy free Almond milk to blend adding a little coconut powder, coconut oil and fresh mint.
Another great addition is apple cider vinegar just a little of course!

So approx 400 calories per day!


Jackal with the peanut butter etc it’s closer to 600 per day plus 1 regular meal and a good breakfast takes me to around where I need to be.

Sorry, I read your post as 3x 1 scoop per day and that’s It!!


At last the weight is shifting !


What did you do differently? I’ve just started on Huel and is aiming to loose 10 kilos overall. I’m about 80% Huel and one meal a day.

just stuck with it!