Seven days Huel only and no weight loss

Just looking for some motivation. Having only used Huel shakes three times a day for seven days religiously (with 2.5 scoops per 500mls as per calculator) I haven’t lost any weight! :persevere: I have exercised 5 of those days including cardio and weights. I have had plenty of water and rest and good sleep.
Hugely frustrating as I wanted an initial boost for first two weeks with a view to introducing one healthy meal a day.
Slightly confused as I am still having one less shake than I’m allowed per day (as generally full) and I was previously eating and snacking loads so it’s a massive change for me.
Don’t want to lose hope and give up. Wanted to lost 10lbs over the next few months but disappointed with this start…

There are many answers as to why this could be. The initial splurge of weight loss people experience when going on a “diet” is water retention. If you’re consuming lots of water you may be negating that.

You might be eating too much Huel. Weight loss is also a progressive thing. I have lost 4 stone recently and sometimes my body would level off for a few weeks for no reason before losing more fat without me actually making any changes.

The last thing to mention is you might be losing fat but gaining muscle at the same time thus your weight is remaining the same. You’re saying you want to lose weight but more accurately you want to lose fat and you’re obviously trying to gain muscle too. You will have to monitor your body fat percentage if you want to accurately know if you’re losing fat or not.



You’re eating 7.5 scoops total every day, right? I find a scoop to be 34 grams on average, so that’s 255 grams per day. That’s just over 1000 calories. Could be more if you’re really packing those scoops. It’s worth weighing it to check.

So if that’s really all you’re eating, your weight should definitely come down over time. A week isn’t long and weightloss can be inconsistent. Don’t give up.

Plug your details into this site and see if your total is over 1000 calories.
If it is, you will lose weight over time. If it isn’t, you are TINY and you need to eat even less!

@Coup is right that muscle weighs more than fat, so if you’re building muscle keep that in mind. I’m not sure it’s even possible to gain weight while having a calorie deficit though.

I’ve just had one of these level phases. It would have been frustrating but I’ve seen so many people talk about it so I just had faith it’d pass, which it did.


Thank you both so much. Checked TDEE and definitely under required calorie intake (5ft 8 and 154lbs)
Really encouraging words and feel much more optimistic :slight_smile:
Fantastic news on your achievement :clap:t2::+1:t2:


There will be other unseen changes, like improved blood work, nutritional changes etc hopefully if you have stopped snacking on unhealthy things (although you may have been a healthy snacker ). Huel is a marathon rather than a sprint and things will balance out over time. Stay with it :+1:t2:

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After all that stress I weighed myself this morning I’ve lost 2lbs :sweat_smile:

I :clap:t2: Will :clap:t2: Continue​:clap:t2:

There’s some great advice here.

I would just add that weighing yourself at the same time everyday preferably just after you wake up will help provide consistent results.

Your weight will also fluctuate so tracking your weight in an app like myfitnesspal will help show a trend which will hopefully be downwards.

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Don’t forget to include the calories of any drinks you’re having. I only drink water or tea but milky tea, approx 100mls per cup (yes very milky!) so approx 50cals each using semi skimmed, if I have 8 that’s an extra 400cals a day.

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I must admit that I find the focus on weight disturbing. Surely the correct measure is size and lean muscle mass. A kilo weighs a kilo no matter what makes that up. BMI is archaic and causes so many eating disorders. I use Huel as it gives me the nutrients I need to support a healthier lifestyle and to fit in with a busy schedule. My clothes are looser, but weight is remaining broadly the same. Can we just stop telling people to eat less!!

I think it’s more a convenience thing. No one wants to get started talking about body recomposition, it’s simply easier to say weight.

There’s an article on this very site that raises that exact point with some decent advice: