Losing fat

Hi there, I have been using full Huel for a week now, and I love it. I love the taste (with my own decaff coffee) and I don’t feel too hungry, I have 3 x 2 scoops x 400ml water. I really hope to lose weight. Is there anyone on this site who has actually lost lots of fat using Huel. I just hope it works.

Is 3 x 2 scoops all you’re having? That’s only 230g ish of Huel, which is barely 1000 calories. Your weight will drop off at that consumption, but perhaps too quickly.

Maybe increase to 4 x 2 scoops?

Have you been weighing consistently through the week?

I did at the beginning of the week, I was going to weigh again tomorrow to see how it’s going. Is it not safe to have just under a 1,000 cals. I was 18stone 7.5lbs. So I will see what it is tomorrow. To begin with, I guessed I was 20stone, and I was frightened to get on the scales, but after 2 days of Huel, I took courage and was surprised to see it was 18-7.50.

Fantastic, small progress is still progress.

I’d say under 1000 is definitely verging on unsafe.

Larger people have larger caloric requirements. One must remember that fat is not a liquid flowing under the skin that can be burned off. Fat cells are living tissue and have their own energy requirement just as any other tissue does. Only difference is that they store energy.

I’d probably aim for 1500 a day as per your original thread and take it from there. Weighing regularly is essential to monitor progress and establish approximately how your caloric intake weighs up against your requirement.

Perhaps do as @jeffy89 does and use this post on the forum as a way to log your progress and weigh ins?

You’ll stir up a bit of support and encouragement that way too. :slight_smile:

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have a look at Dr Michael Mosleys’ fast diet where its v low calorie days amd been proven to be safe. other 5;2 diet works too

Thank you, you’ve been a great help.

Not a problem, always around here to help!

I embarked on my own journey from obesity (17.5 stone) to healthy bodyweight (12 stone) 3 years ago so I know the struggle.