Hello everyone. Got a few weight lose questions. I'm new


Welcome. I can;t see any questions but I’m sure you’ll gt to posting them :slight_smile:

Hi, this does get asked alot and there’s a guide on this site on how to assist you. I’ll link it here;

The crux of it is to work out how many calories you should be consuming to have a calorific deficit (burning more calories than you eat), work out how many calories of that would go into your evening meal and then work out how much huel you need for the rest of the day.

To be honest, you don’t need Huel to loose weight, you just need to consume less. Where Huel comes in is it’s clean nutrition and it fills you up without over-consuming calories.

Hopefully the guide helps you but have a look and feel free to ask more questions after reading it.


Thanks for the info. Weight loss isn’t my main goal. I tend to skip breakfast and lunch just lack of time. By using Huel hoping to get the nutrition I need but afraid of having too many calories then gain weight. But if I get the right balance and loose a few pounds that’s a bonus. X

s’all about the numbers. if you can figure out how much you need to maintain, lose weight and gain weight using one of the online calculators, you can work out your diet plan from that.
think about how many calories your usual evening meals are, also remember snacks and drinks that you want to keep in your routine. A 3 scoop with water is roughly 500 cal.

after you’ve used huel for a few days you’ll want to adjust based on how full huel makes you feel- you may prefer a different portion size, and on what recipe you prefer (some like adding a bit of milk, flavourings, etc.)

Thank you this was very helpful :slight_smile:

Hi Chantel

I’m about seven months into the Huel thing, and loving it. My main goal isn’t weight loss, either, but I was struck by your comment about skipping breakfast.

I was brought up to believe that breakfast is the most important meal of the day. I’m not sure that’s true. For the past 2-3 months I’ve been playing with intermittent fasting. There’s tons on YouTube about it, but the basic idea is that fasting helps the body recover and repair, and it doesn’t have to be long periods. There are loads of variations, but what works for me is 16 hours of fasting in a day, 8 hours of eating. In practice, that means I finish eating by 8pm (which I always have anyway - later eating messes with my sleep) and the next time I eat is noon. I generally have a Huel meal at lunchtime, and either another in the evening or I cook myself something nice.

I don’t do this every single day - that feels too rigid and dogmatic for me! But I do keep a record, and it works out that I fast 60-70% of the days in any given month. Some say it’s better to do it every day, as it lets your body get used to the pattern, but I just do what works for me.

After 2-3 months of this, I’m feeling great, and I’ve lost over a stone from the time I started with Huel (in May), down from almost twelve and a half stone to eleven.

I also find keeping a record is helpful, too. I have a notebook next to the bathroom scales and I weigh myself naked every morning, before I get dressed, and note it down. I also record how many scoops of Huel I have in a day, and a tick next to whether or not I’ve fasted. Very simple.

Anyway, welcome… and good luck!


Thank you for the tips ,:slight_smile:

Thanks for your outline
Do you have a meal for dinner or another huel? Do you restrict your cals when you eat food?

No problem, Sasha.

The evenings vary. The my son (nearly 13) is here, I tend to cook for him and we both have the same meal (unless it’s meat, which I don’t eat). Mostly he’s with his Mum, so mostly I have Huel for dinner, too.

Incidentally I’m now 18 months in to using Huel, and I’m more and more consistent with the intermittent fasting, too. In fact, if I nip upstairs and get that log I mentioned…

…I can tell you that I’ve had two Huel meals on 11 days out of the 31 this month, and I’ve done the intermitent fasting every day except two, where it was derailed due to a business meeting once, and a social gathering the second time.

I’ve never counted calories, and never will. I’m just not wired that way! But this month my weight crept top by a couple of pounds, so I just ate a bit less, cut down on the chocolate, and I’m back to where I want to be now.

Hope that helps…

Thanks for the Intel,