My Huel Experience - Please save me

I am 19, 6ft 3" and 250lbs and quite frankly I’m sick and tired of being fat. I’m hoping that by replacing my eating that is wholly for sustenance purposes with Huel I will be fuller and better nourished and so stop snacking. Also I plan to have three shakes a day and exercise so there ought to be a calorie deficit there too!

I bought a weeks worth of Huel today so I will update this thread with my progress. I will also be doing a Vlog style documentation of my progress, hopefully with some gross before and decent after pictures at the end :D.

I’ve never successfully lost more than about 10lbs before and I can seem to stop ballooning, every time i look at the stretch marks on my belly I feel quite sick, so hopefully I can use this to turn my life around.


Good luck.
Might be worth looking into spreading your huel throughout the day, many other people have found it easier as 3 drinks tend to make you crave snacks at points.

Good luck

I’d say, build up to 100% Huel and that only 3 shakes a day (just under 1500 cals) is not allot for a 250lb person doing exercise. I reckon you need a few more calories to start with otherwise you’ll likely feel hungry and possibly snack on crap.

I presume that you’re currently consuming 2500 to 3000 calories a day at the moment? So dropping to 1500 and then doing exercise might lead you to fall off the wagon before you’ve really started.

I’m not a nutritionist myself so only my 2p, but as someone over 210lbs, I’ve to imagine our experiences will be similar


Yeah I’d definitely reiterate what Sebo and Gethin have said. Ease into it to make it easier on yourself, spread it across the day and don’t consume too few calories! You’re far more likely to fall off the wagon if you suddenly drop to much lower amount of calories, and the stress on your body will be a lot higher as well.

Have you done the calorie counter? Good way for seeing how many calories you need!

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I think I was slightly over zealous last night;
Thanks very much for the advice, I will start by replacing breakfast and dinner and then replace lunch after a few days. Also I will do four a day rather than three I think.


Like the others say, build up to 100% Huel over a week. Also, you’re a big guy, so 2000kcal per day of Huel should give you weight loss - why not split this over 5 servings of 2.5 scoops when you get there?

Also, exercise - you’ll need to be active to help speed weight loss.

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I’ve lost around 8lb in six months since using Huel, but my regime is a bit radical. I ingest only around 800 calories of normal food a day, primarily snacks of low nutritive quality. I find them important to give my stomach a sense of satiation. I then make up for lost vitamins, etc, by taking around 900 calories - six scoops - of Huel each day, drinking it at odd times to keep away the hunger pangs. The regime is not for everyone but 1700 calories a day, for a man of average stature, can only lead to constant weight loss.

Sorry, just to clarify, do you mean Stone?

I’m in exactly the same position bro. 20 years old, 6ft 2" and roughly 230lb. Stretch marks too from where I have been yo-yoing over the last few years. I’ve found Huel has been fantastic for cutting out cravings and it provides enough energy to get out and move more.

Good luck

Day 1 Report:

So today I ate cheerios for breakfast and then my Huel arrived, So had three shakes between 2PM and now, spread pretty evenly. I have had no cravings for anything more, and feel far more energised than I did previously. I wouldnt say I was a huge fan of the flavour, but it is certainly tasty enough that I can stomach it, and as someone who does really enjoy food the fact that it is very bland means my palette will be very sensitive when I get to eat good food :slightly_smiling: I tried Mixing a double shot of espresso into one, but couldnt really taste the coffee so thats a work in progress. Might try adding 250ml water 250ml Ocean Spray light cranberry juice tomorrow, as i think the vanilla would work well with the bite of the cranberry.
Very happy so far, will report tomorrow!
Thanks, Harry

EDIT: missed an “e” off “bite”

Go for it, you sound like you’ve got oodles of motivation!

You’ll find (like I do) that a 3 scoop Huel will probably keep you full from 07:30 right up until lunch, maybe if it’s a hard day a banana will be my morning snack alongside my coffee. As others have said, gradually ease yourself into Huel. Have a solid lunch, albeit a small-ish one. Chicken salad, maybe a bit of brown rice or quinoa to give you a fuller feeling so you don’t want to snack. Then finish the day off with a Huel. That’ll be two shakes, roughly 1000kcals and you’ll be able to gauge how you feel after a few days. If you’re hungry, chuck in some healthy snacks such as fruit (or veg; I’m a bloody rabbit when it comes to carrots, always crunching away on them while my colleagues eat Mars and Lion bars!)

Get yourself some fun exercise, like join a circuits class. Get to the gym and pound some weights. Do anything to keep your body doing what human bodies were designed to do from stone man days: be active!

I for one am definitely here to help you along the way with support and motivation. I look forward to your updates.

thanks very much for all the support! its really helping me keep up with this.
Yesterday I ended up having a day of 100% huel and felt great all day, although unfortunately I didnt realise how much not eating food had lowered my alcohol tolerance leading to a hangover today that could only be beaten with solid food :smiley:
Im back on the wagon tomorrow though and I’m not even worried. Huel is incredibly filling when you arent hungover and as you say Blenk a three scoop shake is plenty filling enough to keep me going till lunch time.

Not a nutritionist myself, but being (mostly) on powder food for almost a year now (~3 months of which on Huel) here’s my opinion.
My advice is same as others’: ease into it (gradually replace meals with powder over a few weeks); switch to having the same amount of calories you’re having on your current diet; then drop the surplus calories again gradually and monitor how you’re feeling: when you start feeling peckish between meals that’s probably when you’ve gone below your required calorie intake.

Part of the reason I was overeating previously was habit and part was lack of nutrients (which ones exactly I can’t tell). All I know is before I started doing powder food I ALWAYS had snacks in my desk. Then, after a while, I just didn’t feel the need to refill the snack stash anymore.
For me it worked two-fold: first it removes the physical need to snack between meals. There’s no need to force it, it just comes (at least it did for me). And second, after being on powder food for a while I lost the psychological habit for snacking.

Good luck!

How’re you doing fella? I’m 7lbs down in 3 weeks. Still loving Huel and getting down to the gym a couple of times a week. Looking to start ramping up the exercise to gym 4 days a week. I’ve been having Huel about twice a day on average. Find its good to add a bit of coffee and have it as a pre-gym drink.

Sounds great! Im still going strong, I also do the coffee thing, tastes great! I’m tracking my weight by eye as I dont have any scales and ive lost a lot of chubbiness from my face and torso - hopefully this trend continues!

So This is my two week update since starting to use huel as well as caring for myself alot more. Ive been using huel as a “I cant be bothered to make something proper, so rather than snacking im going to have a shake” thing, which means my daily intake varies quite alot, but ive seen a decent difference already. Im going to add some pictures. The first picture was taken on christmas day and the second one taken a few minutes ago.

Number 1: I was roughly 250lbs when this was taken. Huge love handles, large tits and lots of obvious fat on my belly. Also I was tensing when i took this so It was actually even worse than it looks!

Number 2: I dont know how much I weigh now, but by the looks of things significantly less! My tits are alot smaller, waist and love handles have shrunk and my belly is a lot less prominent! You cant really see in this picture but people have been mentioning that ive lost weight from my face and neck as well. I obviously still have a lot of work to do but im pleased with my progress and its given me a lot of encouragement to carry on.


Well done. I’m going to get serious now after seeing this. I’ve been stuck at 120kg for 6 months

very best of luck to you! The only advice I can give is dont let one or two bad days make you fall off the wagon - That has happened to me countless times in the past. Just keep plugging away at it. Also take a picture before you start, and then when you recognise some change in yourself take a new one then compare the two. I find seeing the changes in my body a lot more rewarding than reading a number off a scale.

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Well done, keep it up. I’ve heard a good calorie burner is tidying your room :wink:


Great transformation! And looks like a healthy one, too. No drastic weight loss. Good work man, keep it up!

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