My Huel Experience - Please save me

Keep going matey. How’s the vlog going?

Update: Since the start of the year I’m almost a stone down. I haven’t been going 100% Huel but been switching 1 or 2 meals a day with it. For me it’s fantastic for controlling cravings at work. I’ve been teaming Huel with 3-5 days at the gym and long walks at the weekend.

Great work dude! Keep it up and you won’t regret it.

Hey! You are looking good. You can already see your abs showing through more.

I have just started out, but I am going to follow this thread so we can cheer each other on.

Hello there! I can understand your problem very well as I have also passed through a similar phase. My friend then suggested me to join a programme entrainement sportif, which is a fitness program that helps to tone my body and make me fit. You should also go for this kind of fitness program.

Do some kettlebells mate to improve your posterior chain and general strength as being overweight stresses out all kinds of muscles (I know) maybe a bit of yoga and a free weight routine. I can recommend a program if you like.

FYI similar situation to you, it looks like you’ve dropped about a stone!

Good luck. Don’t lose weight too fast, studies have shown that this greatly increases the risk of gaining it back after, it is a big factor in the yo-yo effect.So create a calory deficiency, but a small one. Calculate your needs and make sure your calorie intake is just under that. Luckily with Huel it’s very easy to weigh it and calculate exactly how much calories every shake contains. Best of luck to you.