Here we go. Full huel until 20lbs lost

Hi folks.
So I got huel due to the fact that im a foodie but apparently have no intention learning how to cook the foods I enjoy and even if I did there is simply no time in my day to spend hours on meal prep.

I work out 6 days per week using a six day split. I typically ate about 3-5k calories per day. For a few weeks I hueled for breakfast and lunch but pigged out for dinner and post workout.

However I realized I’m still gaining fat weight.
I am 5’7" and typically like to weigh about 135-140 based on the muscle mass I usually hover at in those weights. Currently im sitting between 160-166 depending on the shape of the moon, position of the andromeda galaxy in the sky, etc.

So I’ll keep you folks posted. So far it sucks because my body just isnt getting any satiation from these drinks however I feel great overall. I am easily getting all the nutrients to get me going thru heavy lifting but my brain is just so confused without actual food.

Wish me luck, this will take a few months.


All the best! I did 100% Huel for a week (and lost 0.7kg which stayed off thankfully), and I had a similar issue the first two days. I found that adding Huel granola for the crunch really helps psychologically and physiologically, and it has similar benefits to Huel anyway. If you’re doing it for a couple months, you could probably look into Huel bars too! :slight_smile:

Good luck bud

If you’re in a sufficient deficit to lose 20lb I can assure you that you won’t be able to gain strength and muscle mass at the same time. Just thought I’d mention before you get going on your journey.

Can easily maintain strength though.

As for the issue with satiation, I’m the exact same. Could easily glug 2 litres of Huel with like 15 scoops in it. Doesn’t fill me at all.

Isn’t 5,000 kcal a day at 5’7" and 135 lbs a bit high?

I’m 6’1 and eat about 3,000 a day at 200 lbs and don’t lose weight on that amount. I only train a few times a week though.

Definitely, that’s a dirty bulk if I’ve ever seen one. 135lb is tiny, like absolutely tiny, but 5000 cals is WAY too high, it’s just going to make OP fat real fast.

Surplus of 250 would do the trick for a lean bulk.

It was a dirty bulk and yeah I gained a lot of muscle weight. Im still pretty thin (as I have been most of my life) but I have a minor stereotypical beer belly. I dont want that and it seems about 15-20lb will get me back down to low BMI so I can keep a better eye on my diet again.