Advice needed!


So I’ve been using huel for a week now. And already feel good about it.

But I want to make sure I’m using it correctly.

So I’m 6ft2 95kg male wanting to loose quite abit of weight.

I’m using 2 scoops of vanilla mid morning.
Then waiting for my evening meal.

Doing this made me quite tired last week.

Should I be having more huel?

Thanks in advance!!

Hello Josh - depending on what you’re eating for your evening meal it sounds like you are eating way too few calories hence the tiredness. For your height and weight if you are wanting to get some moderate weight loss coupled with some light exercise a few times a week - you need to be getting around 2000 calories a day. so you would need a shake at breakfast, lunch and then a good healthy dinner at least.

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Hey Josh, don’t worry we’re here to help! Have you checked out our article to help with weight loss?

Once you know your calorie needs you can work off that. Have you been eating a daily amount of food that you could keep up with for a long time?