Am I overdoing it?

New to Huel (almost 2 weeks in). My reasoning for trying Huel was due to eating rubbish for breakfast and lunch due to mostly being on the road for work.

I will be 2 weeks in on this coming Sunday and I have lost 9 pounds. I tend to skip breakfast all together but have a black coffee to keep me going. I have my 3 scoops of Huel for lunch and then a meal for dinner, keeping the portion sizes down.

I am overweight, being 5ft 7 and originally weighing in at 15st 2lb. I am now at 14st 7lb.

From my calculations I am consuming under 700 calories a day with the odd fast walk at lunch for exercise. I do not feel tired or unhealthy, if anything I feel great.

Could this just be the initial spike of weight loss that is to be expected when carrying a bit of extra weight?



Water weight has fallen off.

Make sure to weigh all ingredients of that evening meal. 700 calories a day is not enough, but my suspicion is that you’re possibly eating over that. You’d feel like death on only 700 a day.


I’m having 3 scoops of Huel for lunch and then dinner. Dinner is a small portion of maybe pasta or some nights nothing depending on what time I get home.

As far as I’m aware I’m having just under 500 Kcal for the huel and then measuring what I’m eating in the evening by checking the Kcal figures on the packaging.

Cool, that makes sense. 3 scoops is roughly 450 cals.

To be honest I’d have a few pops at TDEE calculators online. 700 a day is dangerous at any weight/height apart from kids. You’ll soon feel the effects.

I’d definitely increase it to 500 below your TDEE to be on the safe side, it’ll be slower but more consistent and easy to maintain :slight_smile: Just ensure you keep weighing every few days around exactly the same time (after waking up and toilet trip seems best).

Do you mean that you are running a daily calorie deficit of 700 calories (good), or that you are consuming less than 700 calories a day (dangerous)?