Am I overdoing it? New Huel user

Hey all.

I started my Huel journey yesterday and was wondering if I am taking too low of a calorie intake, just a little worried that I am going to put my body in some kind of starvation state.

I am a 27 y/o male
Light excersize lifestyle approximating 2800kcal burnt per day (excersize + BMR) on Samsung Health and
5’ 11"
36 inch waist

Trying to cut this down to about 90KGs over time, and slim my waist down.

My meals yesterday were, and plans for future days are:
Breakfast 2 scoops Vanilla (400kcal)
Lunch 2 scoops Vanilla (400kcal)
Afternoon snack 1 scoop Vanilla (200kcal)
Dinner, healthy meal (700kcal)
Evening snack (50kcal)

This works out at only 1750kcal and has me losing over 1000kcals daily.

Should I be tuning this a little more and having another 1 scoop Huel (200kcal)?

Everyone is different. Try it a few days, weigh yourself before and after, and also see if you are feeling mega hungry…a little hungry may be natural. Tweak it again after a few days, another week etc.

Isn’t each scoop ~150Kcal, so actually that is only 1500kcal?
Either way its a pretty big defecit but as advised above, probably best to see how it goes and be willing to tweak it.

This might be the new scoop which I think is 200 cals?

A 1000 calorie deficit per day is a lot to lose, I would take @hunzas advice and try it and if it works, great, but if you’re feeling starving or very tired I would increase your daily intake. You might also find you have less energy for exercise with such a deficit.

Always best to weigh and not rely on scoops. A good set of digital kitchen scales is a must if you’re tracking calories.

Note: American and UK scoops are different sizes.


I’ll take a look into getting some scales. But yes this is the new scoop I believe (only ordered on Tuesday)

If you are in the UK (as seems likely given you are talking kg instead of lbs) then there is no “new” scoop. A scoop in the UK is ~38g, not 50g.

I agree with @Bee that scales are well worth using to ensure you get the right amount.

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Brill, thanks for the advice guys.
Will get the scales as a priority.

I’m using the same kind of calculation now, BMR according to TDEE and the cal burned according
to my Garmin Vivosport/Connect app.

To lose weight, I see many say they do a 500 kcal deficit. This might be slower than ~1.000 kcal
deficit, but more sustainable in the long run. That said, I have to agree with @hunzas advice
to just try and see how it works out for you.

Yea, this is to be expected in a deficit but be careful too because of the ‘big deficit’ .

I don’t know about the size of the US scoops, if that’s what you’re using (but interested :smiley: )
The UK scoops are ~38g which adds up to ~152 kcal (approx. 4 kcal/1g)

This basically is the ‘holy advice’ for anyone tracking calories, it be for weight loss, gain or
maintenance. Something that can’t be said enough, imo.

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I dropped just under 2 stone over a period of about five months by eating at a 500 calorie deficit. I initially found it difficult to increase calories up to maintenance level. My body had grown used to the deficit so had to do it gradually as I felt quite uncomfortable to start with. Once over that hurdle I am now finding it very easy to maintain my current weight. Again, with the help of Huel, MFP and my trusty kitchen scales, I am happy to continue this regime ad infinitum as it has become a way of life for me. My regime is Huel granola for breakfast, Huel shake for lunch and healthy veg rich meal for dinner (plus another Huel shake somewhere in between if my calories fall below the norm).