Help a girl out :)

Hello everyone. I get my Huel delivery tomorrow and i’m really exited. I’m using it to watch my calories as part of weight loss.
What amount of calorie intake should i be working towards?

17St 10

Thanks in advance Sophie :slight_smile:

Hello, passing on the advice I had from the lovely people on here recently, if you work out your BMR here:, then your BMR + your activity level gives you the number of calories you need each day to maintain your weight. Then if you reduce by a 500cal per day deficit you should lose 1lb per week :slight_smile:


If you search for TDEE calculator online you can put in all your particulars and it will give you your daily calorie requirement. It will also give you different calorie amounts depending on what your activity level is. You can then adjust as necessary. Rule of thumb tends to be 500 calorie daily deficit to lose approx 1 pound a week. Good luck with your huel journey.


I have 3 Huels a day, 1500 calories, I have lost 3 stones this year so far. I wasn’t losing anything on 4 Huels a day,2000 calories and I struggled to consume 4 a day as well. Where all different you will find what works best for you, the calculator will help you.


Good advice as above. I started in Huel at the end of January, started cutting out sweets etc for a week before.

I have lost just over 2 and half stone (16kg since then) with a diet mainly of Huel.

Start slowly, take 100g for breakfast and eat normal, but healthy meals for lunch and dinner and after a couple of days, have Huel for lunch. Depending on your lifestyle and food choices for evening meal, you could continue on normal food for dinner or Huel it. I generally only have normal food 2 to 3 times a week, depending on what the family is having - if its relatively low fat then I join them.

Consider getting a good blender (Nutri Ninja’s and Bullets get good reviews) that has a large cup size (700ml or more) and consider blending in 50 to 80g of frozen fruit / berries / banana etc to some if not all your Huel meals.

Get MyFitnessPal app and religiously record all food and drinks that you take and use that to keep below the BMR (noted in the posts above) - you can set MFP to your BMR and it will advise to take that less 500cal to lose half lb a week. I generally take about 700cal less and am losing around 1.2kg a week.

If you mix in the supplied shaker, water in first and then the powder. Better to use a scale to measure as the supplied scoop will vary the weight depending on how packed it is, so by weighing it is far easier to watch the no of calories taken.

The Huel Ready to drink is ideal if you travel a lot or work away from home / caught away unexpected - I have them in a small fridge in the car for when I am travelling to work (commute is 250 mile each way)

Welcome and good luck.


Thanky you :slight_smile: